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The product is an online course called Poverty to Prosperity. It is based on Natural Laws, has been tested extensively and proven. It cannot fail.



Poverty to Prosperity is a 9-Module powerhouse of a course that comes with full online guidance and support. There are two support methods:-

A. There is a general assist line where people can find answers to any questions or problems. It is canned The P.A.L. Service (Permanent Assist Line).

B. Then there is a professional private coach service where people can get confidential / private personal help.

Each of these services cost R3,600.00 p.a.being R7,200.00.

On our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER  until end December 2019 of both these services are FREE!!

It is the only course in the world that can bring permanent relief and put an end to struggling and poverty. 

(Again, is there a TARGET MARKET that needs such a product? A TARGET MARKET that would pay for it? For if you cannot see the need for it you will not be able to market it)



The standard price is R12,600.00. 

There is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT OF 50% – R6,300.00, cutting the cost to R6,300.00 This offer is only valid until the end of December 2019.

  • It comes with our live online support service worth R3,600.00 p.a. ……. FREE
  • PLUS It comes with a live personal and private coach service valued at R3,600.00 p.a. …. FREE

That is a R7,200.00 give-away besides the 50% discount!!
Altogether that is (R7,200.00 PLUS R6,300.00) = R13,500.00!!

  • Meet a simple condition to knock the price down by a further R1,800.00 to R4,500.00. (This can be paid in 2 parts if needed. The cost is then R100.00 more if paid this way).
  • Condition: The customer has to train 3 people who cannot afford the course for FREE. They can be relatives, friends neighbours, anyone…
  • That means we are giving away 3 courses, R13,500.00 to help those who need it but cannot afford it.



  1. You can be of any age, gender or nationality and living anywhere. You must want to be RICH!!
  2. Preferably, (not exclusively) you will be mature and can relate and have empathy for those who are struggling. There is REAL MAGIC in helping people.
  3. Absolute integrity, self-discipline and professionalism go without question.
  4. The marketing strategy is absolutely unique; we do things for FREE;
  5. This is a Heart and Soul Business Operation. You’ll find the details on that here.  
  1. You will need a laptop, tablet or Smartphone and ready access to the internet for constant communication with the company to operate professionally. Agents get full online support.
  2. Full training is provided online in text and audio. You are responsible for all your own expences.
  3. R5,400.00 p.m. is a basic salary on condition of a minimum of 9 sales in a calendar month.
  4. Commission starts at 10% and escalates from there.


Sales 10 – 29 @10% comm =  450.00 per sale
30 – 49 @12.5% comm = 562.50 per sale
50 – 79 @15% comm = 675.00 per sale
80 – 99 @17.5% comm = 787.50 per sale
100+ @ Comm. + Special Bonus @ Co.’s discretion  = THE DIAMOND LEAGUE

Example: 19 Sales @ 10% comm. (@ R450:00) = R8,550:00 + basic R5,400:00 = R13, 950:00.

Below 9 sales in a calendar month earns 5% per sale.



We are searching for 9 people from anywhere in the country or beyond who want to become part of a powerful programme which is about to impact on the way people think in a massive way in South Africa.

Be clear on what you want from life and where you want to go.

This is NOT a ‘normal’ company… whatever a ‘normal’ company is. ‘Normal’ does not make you rich and RICH is what  you want to be, not so?

We are happily abnormal and we are driven by a specific mission called THE AFRICAN AWAKENING… Africa is about to wake-up. More on that later.   

There is a solid future, massive opportunity for growth and promotion as well as security after a 90-day probationary period. Any questions, simply ask: email:

If you think this is something you can do, get in touch.
We are good to go. Are you?

Thank you for your time.

 ALL hands are needed. All hands welcome!


Errol Clarke.
2 IC & Executive Officer
EC Training Network – Email:
To light The Light

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
For details please click

Why should you not be living your dream life now?

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If there is anything you’re not clear on, you can reach us here!
Or on Live Chat now… bottom of this page R/H/S (Office hrs)