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As there is no face-to-face interview we’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible in this 3-page article. However, you will still want to know about the product and our powerful and dynamic sales training. You will have those as we go.You can connect with us here.



Thank you for being here.

This is for those who are serious about life; serious enough to know that there is no free lunch and that you have to work to earn your place in life.

It is for those who understand that if you want massive success… not merely success … and a financially secure future and fulfillment, you have to work at it spiritually, mentally and physically.

Preferably — though not exclusively — this opportunity would be better suited for the more mature person and especially the thinking youth.

The future of our wonderful country lies in the thinking youth…… obviously.

If you are looking for a real Direct Marketing position, or a chance to operate a fantastic business from home, one that will pay you the kind of money that will make you smile, give you dignity and self-respect, read on. 

Succeed here and e v e r y single goal you have ever dreamed will be realized.

You want an opportunity to establish yourself in life? This is it and you know, opportunity only knocks once, not so?. 

Be sure to read through to the very end, for there is a R20,000.00 Challenge where you can earn 20K before Christmas you don’t want to miss.

It could happily turn your Christmas a very merry one.

If you have any questions you can connect with us here.


This is the position in a nutshell.


The biggest problem in the world to-day is poverty.
It has been for thousands of years and man still does not have an answer. 

If it is not abject poverty and severe suffering, generally people are struggling. They do not have enough money to live the life they want, buy what they want and do the things they want.

In our society to-day, you are not free unless you have money.
Lots of it! 
Rich is Right!

Frustration, depression and short-fuses rule. Tension reigns everywhere and at the centre of it all is a sense of despair through a shortage of money… not being able to make ends meet or find relief.

There is a silent, desperate cry for help… for an answer. The same cry has been cried for ages. People struggle and try their best to be normal but without enough money how can you be normal? Or free?

So because man does not have an answer, he limps on, and on, and on. He is able, he is capable, healthy and strong and yet he cries and he suffers.

He does not like himself. He wants to do right… he want to be rich, His family is suffering because he does not have a solution…   

Until now.

(Ask yourself – is there a REAL NEED for an answer to such a situation?)

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
For details please click

His cry was heard. There IS a solution.



 There is a One Stop Solution to the problem of poverty… of not having enough money. This is the answer… the complete solution.

(Is there a TARGET MARKET that needs such a solution? A TARGET MARKET that is not looking for a hand-out but would pay for such an answer?)

If you want to talk to us you can reach us here.



First you have to realize that a problem like poverty / struggling with finance / worry / tension etc is a mindset issue. It is a state of mind.

You cannot fix a mental problem
with physical tools; you need mental tools.

Therefore, the solution has to be a tool that will change that negative mindset to a powerful positive one.

Until that mindset is changed,
the problem will never get fixed.
People suffer because they are not aware of this. 

The solution is a dynamic training course that is being rolled-out in different phases. 

The course is called Poverty to Prosperity and, not only does it really take you from poverty to a life of prosperity, it is a course you cannot fail. 

The marketing mix is dynamic. It consists of a strategy of five vehicles-

PHASE 1: Direct Marketing Field Agents –  (External) Direct Marketing Field Agents who physically work the field generating sales… and / or;

PHASE 2: Online Marketing Agents – (External) Online Marketing Agents who work from home generating salesand / or

PHASE 3: A Home Brew Business – (External) You can operate a simple training business from your home generating sales; you will find full details here.

PHASE 4: Online Marketing (Internal) Direct Marketing, by the company;

PHASE 5: Sales Offices – (Internal) company establishes training offices in major cities in most provinces to market and run our range of fantastic and unique life skills training courses and products.

This specific job offer is for Phases 1, 2 and 3. ONLY
Phases 4 & 5 are for company use.

A detailed explanation of each of the relevant Phases follows below



You may use one, more, any combination, or all three phases above in your personal marketing plan and we will give you our full support and guidance. There are no restrictions.

Man is not limited, but limitless!!


PHASE 1. DIRECT FIELD MARKETING — the Agent physically goes out into the field ‘fishing,’ finding prospects out there who need this product. He does a short power presentation and closes the sale. That is how he earns his money.

 If you feel you need help with a presentation, simply ask. You will find the details of the money you can earn in the Income Table below.


PHASE 2. ONLINE MARKETING FROM HOME — the Agent runs his / her entire marketing operation from home on a computer, laptop, tablet, notebook or Smartphone.

They would send out stacks of emails daily, use their Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram and any other connections and go marketing ballistic.

They would communicate with their friends on WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, Skype or any other communication vehicle. In this way they would market the course Poverty to Prosperity



If you know and love marketing then this is for you. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn and you may use ANY honest method of marketing and we will support and guide you all the way. 

Think out of the box.
Hint: You may appoint and develop your own team or teams anywhere. The internet is a limitless field of connectivity. Use it!
Hint: You may appoint friends, relatives or anyone in different parts of the country to work in your team.
Hint: You may set-up different teams in different parts of the country. There is a need for our product everywhere and again, we will give you our full support.
You will find the Income Table below.

If you have any questions you can reach us here.

3. A COMBINATION of both 1 and 2 above. In other words you would actively work with PHASE 1 AND PHASE 2 combined. You can do the marketing by going out to see clients AND you will use the internet to sell even more.

If there is any uncertainty about this, feel free to ask. You can reach us here.

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