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Go and Get Your Dream Future Now!

1. There is a fantastic JOB OFFER available. It is DIRECT MARKETING, selling an ONLINE COURSE wherever you are in S. A. or beyond. You can also sell to anyone anywhere The product is an online course that eradicates struggling and poverty… for real.

2. We need 9 agents who can produce positive sales results. This offer closes at 9 agents.

3. The product is not difficult to sell but it does require knowledge of direct selling/marketing.

4. It comes with a basic salary of R,5400.00 p.m.— on condition of 9 sales per month— PLUS an above average commission. You can sell physically and online.

5. Example of income: 19 Sales (basic + comm.) = R13, 850:00. (The current average is 19).

6. No cash outlay is required… you carry all your own expences … and you must have internet access and data, preferably a computer, laptop, or tablet. It can work on Smartphone but can be awkward because of the small screen.

7. Promotion / management and financial security are the rewards for consistently good results.

8. Full, ongoing online sales training, support and guidance are provided FREE.

9. There is a crazy CHRISTMAS SALES CHALLENGE about to start on Nov. 1st. You can pocket R20,000.00 just before Christmas if you hit the ground running and make the required sales.

You would be the kind of person who is seriously hungry for success. You have an open heart and an open mind. You like helping your community. You want to be in a leadership role training and leading people out of the struggle and hardship of poverty… if this is you then you are the person we need.  

It does not matter where you live, your sex, age or nationality. This opportunity is open to everyone. If you love reading then you are in with a huge advantage. This position is more suitable for a mature person and the progressive, positive thinking youth.

If you relate please write a short motivational note on why this interests you to:

The Manager,
Email: support@ectn9.comPlease use only this address. You will have a reply within 24 hours at the most. 

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This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
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