Page 35                                                  “Total Power” Sales 



§  Be dramatic – create the scene…”Come with me on a trip into the future…”;
“Let’s fast-forward to…” “How do you like this…” “Here’s the scene 5 years on…” and lead them straight into your picture.

§  Use present tense;

§  Build-in as many of the five senses as you can;

§  Make it dramatic— give it action;

§  Bring in the emotion — make them feel what you feel;

§  Maintain eye contact as you speak;

§  Use short sentences — whisper if it fits;

§  Put drama and a tenseness in your voice;

§  You are a painter, paint – you are an actor, act!

§  Let loose the creator in you… create!

§  They must not see or hear you — they must see the picture you paint;

§  Be the Denzel Washington, the Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman or whoever you choose to be for that moment;   

You take your prospect at the scruff of the neck and plunk him slap, bang in the centre of the picture you want him to be in. You are the scriptwriter, the director and producer.

It demands practice and it may take a little time to master, but the one who does this and nails this step, will write the kind of paycheque others only dream of.


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