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One of society’s greatest mistakes is that it teaches us that mistakes are wrong, yet mistakes are not only vital growth points, they are also the fastest way to learn.

It is a mistake to make one feel guilty because they made a mistake. It is a different matter if they keep repeating it that then is wrong. But under normal circumstances mistakes are the best learning points in life.

In every mess there is a message. Forget the mess, get the message. That is how we learn, grow, advance, unfold and become more and better than we were before. That is how society advances.



As always, practice, practice, practice. You can NEVER practice too much.

In karate a student is made to perform the same move over… and over… and over… and over. To those who do not know it seems pointless, but sound logic supports it.

A move gets repeated and repeated hundreds of times daily until it flows smoothly, almost effortlessly, without thinking; until it becomes as natural as the winking of an eye, subconsciously, to where the body reacts automatically. It calls for daily discipline, discipline, discipline.

A karateka does not act; he/she reacts. Their purpose is not to hurt, but to protect; not to harm, but to heal. They do so out of knowing and respecting the power they have and the sanctity in the other person. They honour the gift of life, act with humility and absolute respect for every other human being.

The core of their greatness is…. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Ask any great artist what made them great and the answer will always be the same. The fact that you are reading this speaks for itself. If you listen you will hear it.


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