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You will soon get the ‘feel’ when the sale is made and it is usually made in the CONVICTION step. This is because most times, it is at this stage that objections will be revealed.

That is another reason why it is so crucial that you know as many benefits about your product as possible. It often happens that while you are laying out the benefits of your product you will see or sense any resistance dwindling.

Again, benefits sell.

Important: If you know 20 benefits about your product it is not essential that you always have to give ALL 20.

Give as many as is necessary to have the prospect convinced to buy. Then shush! It is important that you know when to keep quiet.

If objections are given, do NOT deal with them yet. Acknowledge them if you must but there is a specific strategy for dealing with objections and it is dealt with in the Close.



Selling is truly a fun game. The salesperson is bringing a vital service to the people, giving them the opportunity to improve and upgrade their lives through products and services they can use to do so.

                               Of course you can!

The enjoyment is found in bringing benefits to people who would otherwise have to deal with difficulties or a certain level of inconvenience. Without you, there is the chance that they will go on struggling until a salesperson, whether direct or in store makes them aware of the product that could help. Commerce needs you; industry needs you.

Both the company and the country need you to survive and thrive.

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