Page 12                                                      “Total Power” Sales 


Each of the five basic steps of a sale is important, but none more so than the ATTENTION STEP for it either opens the door for you or keeps it closed and you do not get a sale or even the chance to present.

Your prospect’s mind is pre-occupied with all other matters except you. So you are going to try to drag his mind away from everything else and focus on you. In order to do so there are some very basic guidelines that are mandatory, such as…

§  You have to be friendly;

§  You have to be relaxed, and

§  Your eye contact must be engaging.

§  Shaking hands is not mandatory – let the prospect lead;

§  Maintain a socially acceptable space from your prospect;

§  Be friendly but act with dignity and respect at all times.

v  It is taken for granted that your dress code will be one which is generally acceptable to the type of prospect you will be confronted with. In South Africa the generally accepted style is smart casual. Without going into detail it is always advisable to do things in moderation.

v  A billboard along the highway has between three and seven seconds to get its complete message across. Your position is pretty much the same. That first impression is vital and it does not matter whether you’ve had a bad night or morning, it makes no matter what crisis you’ve come through, the prospect has to see you at your very best.

You do not only want to get your prospect’s attention: you want to get their favourable attention. You do not simply want to make a good first impression. You want to make a GREAT… FANTASTIC… AWESOME first impression.

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