“Total Power” Inspiration (TPI)



 “Simply the most powerful self-empowerment programme in the world for personal development and complete success spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.”

No other course comes even close!   

TPI is based on “Total Power” Training, the ONLY programme known for “TOTAL” empowerment and development in the four main areas of human life.

The fact that you are reading this means that you have undertaken to do the life-changing course, “Total Power” Inspiration. Congratulations!

Of all the promises made about the course, there is one thing I can assure you of which is beyond any doubt, and that is that the decision you made to take this step is going to have a major, positive impact on your life.

At the end of week nine you will look back and, provided you‘ve followed the guidelines, you will find a totally different person from the one reading these lines now.

The topics in the course are not all that significant individually. You have probably been exposed to many, if not all of them to some degree or other before.

However, there are two dynamic catalysts which when added to the mix, set this programme in a league all of its own.  You could think of these two catalysts as our X Factor.

The X Factor: The second factor of the magic formula is the revolutionary impact the 9 modules have when combined and you are exposed to them repeatedly for six consecutive days as required.

Their meaning begins to seep into your subconscious mind and lay a new foundation… a foundation of inner confidence through a deeper sense of self-confidence.

It’s something like when you add the milk to your tea or coffee, things change and cannot be undone; nor would you want to.

The first factor for your new life is definitely the amazing impact a skilled facilitator has in helping you unfold the realization of the “Total Power” that you are. 

Whether you are attending the course in person, or doing it online, you will have exactly the same benefit as every candidate who does TPI has a facilitator appointed especially for their individual usage and benefit.

The Power is in you, not the facilitator or the course.This is scientific fact. To have you discover and use your “Total Power’ is the agenda and mission of this course. Once there, nothing on earth can stop you achieving and becoming what you want.

To reiterate, you are “Total Power” and even if it takes you the rest of your life to realize this fact, the rest of your life is then worth living.

Soon you will know this… and when you do, you will know that there really is no magic in life. Life is simply… ‘Life.’  Relax; let’s get to work and enjoy the ride.          e.c.

Our standard service delivery principle is… “Total satisfaction or total refund!” In addition… if, by the end of this course you feel that you did not  get at least ten times the use value for the money you paid… DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! 

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There is a also the Personal Life Coaching service that is available as an optional extra.


TPI is not a quick-fix, it is a sure-fix. It is also the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to the eradication of poverty, which is a major part of our mission. You can read both our Mission and Vision Statements here.

                           Let loose the Real You              

It is your state of mind and your attitude that will make you successful; not your school report card. 

“Total Power” Inspiration gives you the details of both the how and why the success you seek is seeking you – needs you in fact. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It is a 100% true. scientific fact.

Success is not an event. It is an unfolding of the Real You…the Total You. It becomes a matter of getting to know exactly what you are. This… is “Total Power”  territory.

TPI is the only known holistic life skills programme which offers “Total Power” training and provides ongoing support for complete ‘Success,’ spiritually, mentally, physically and most importantly financially.

TPI comes with a 12-month back-up Support programme — The P.A.L. Service — worth R3,600.00 per annum absolutely FREE.

It is “the most powerful, all-inclusive, complete Personal Success-Building programme in the world!” This is not just our claim, but also that of thousands of candidates who have done the course (as TPM).

Let’s do this!

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