Total Power” Public Speaking.

Man fears two things in life, death and public speaking.

Many a man would rather face the challenge of a raging herd of bull elephants than stand up in front of an audience to give a speech. For some, it strikes stark terror in the depths of their being and has been known to cause very severe and very real and serious, instant illness.

The wheels come off, the mind shuts down and the person goes into ‘freeze mode.’ There have been cases where some have passed-out; others simply folded and collapsed, unconscious … literally.

Yet, to learn to give an address to a group of any size, comprising of any social level and to do so professionally is a skill anyone who is willing to learn can learn.


Yes… and you will gain much, much more. You would have gained tons of self-confidence, poise, presentation skills, control of ‘the nerves’, how to introduce yourself to strangers correctly, remember names, how to open and conduct a conversation with strangers, how to present yourself correctly at any gathering, how to sit, walk and talk, how to control your audience, handle hecklers and just so much more.

You would have learned that rare skill of how to think ahead in a conversation and to present your views, even if opposing the general audience, and how to do so with grace and decorum.


Yup, for real-real!

This professional programme does not only teach the art of public speaking. It also includes the valuable life skills of Human Relations and Personal Development as part of the package.

Along with learning how to capture the minds and hearts of an audience, you will also learn how to structure a professional talk for any group, using the five basic steps of a presentation for any occasion whether it is for a wedding celebration, a bereavement or anything in between. You will create the right mood and ambience to suit the occasion.

For the ordinary man-in-the-street it teaches overcoming of self-consciousness and fear so that self-confidence so that personal professional presentation and poise are projected.

For the professional, the polish and purpose of your own personality are presented with the evenly measured restraint of the newfound power you possess.

This programme is not named “Total Power” Public Speaking for nothing.

As a personal development package for the development of the complete, self-confident, balanced professional with a ‘presence’ and an image that naturally earns the respect of others, this nine-week programme sets the benchmark others vainly try to emulate. There is a lot of information to be absorbed and implemented.

Voice modulation, voice projection and elocution are but part of it all. It brings candidates out of their comfort zones and once over the hill of self-consciousness and nerves, a new self emerges and takes over. Challenging and powerful, classes are kept to manageable numbers so that proper attention can be given to each candidate.


Allowance is made for every candidate, no matter what their pace of learning is. To make it easier all round, the entire class is divided into three teams, each under their own team leader and an exciting competition among the teams is launched right from the start. This serves to shift much of the focus from the nerves to the winning spirit.

A personal development programme beyond compare, it is a crucial requirement for all professional people. The right to extend the course at no extra cost is reserved, should the need arise to make allowance for any slower-developing members.

Certificates for all who complete this demanding programme successfully, and a Winning Team Certificate for the winning team are presented on conclusion. Through all the hard work required, the fun element is not forgotten.

The programme is presented under the skillful guidance and management of a qualified Dale Carnegie International professional speaker, trainer and Sales Talk Champion. It comes to a conclusion on a high note with a Grande Finale, a celebratory event which is organized between the Course Leader and Team Leaders where the details are kept as a surprise through much of the course. It leads to an exciting build-up and climax.

This Public Speaking programme will empower you with skills and memories to be cherished for life. Guaranteed!

For all information and logistics on running the programme for your staff please contact us.  the course can be done in-house, at a company (numbers permitting) or at an ‘away’ venue.  

Because we are South African… we CAN!

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