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Monday, November 18, 2019



Nothing, but absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g comes before the need to maintain the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT to have the life you want.

Besides the fact that you decided on what you want in your life, your  mental ‘environment’ determines whether you get it or not.

Many of us have tried different short-cuts and many others will too. None of them will succeed because there is only one scientific route … the RIGHT ENVIRONMENT.



Using the analogy of the farmer and the harvest he wants we can understand that first of all, unless the farmer places the seed in the ground, unless he plants the seed for the harvest he wants, he is not ever going to have the benefit of the harvest, right? Right!

It does not take rocket science to understand that Mr. Farmer must plant the seed. Unless he does that he can pray until Adam falls off the bus but he will not have a harvest.  

It is as basic as knowing that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, as straightforward as knowing that water flows downhill, as basic as not holding your hand in an open flame.

If you want a harvest, you have to plant the seed in the ground. 

No seed planted… no harvest reaped!

Unless there is action on your plan or idea, if it is not implemented…? So many great ideas out there are left on the shelf. They are born and get left on the shelf of to-morrow or ‘when the time is right…’  


The thinking farmer knows that once planted, the situation is out of his hands, it is in the hands of a Higher Power which we can call Nature or Creation or whatever. We call It God.

It does not make any difference whether our Mr. Farmer is an atheist, agnostic or deeply religious, but he will have to agree that a ‘Certain Super Something’ now takes over and he must keep out of the way.

No matter how impatient he may be, no matter how urgent his need is for a harvest, he has to stay out of the way. That ‘Certain Super Something’ works at Its own pace and he will do well to get himself into step with It.

Once the seed is planted in The Right Environment and that environment maintained, the seed connects with the soil and magic happens.

Once a man puts himself in the Right Environment, the magic WILL, because the magic MUST happen for him too

We may never understand what makes the seed germinate and sprout roots; all we know is that it does, and a sense of deep gratitude for what we take for granted is definitely not out of place here.

If it was not for all the miracles that we simply take for granted, man as a species would not survive.



To throw our toys, fret and fume with impatience and frustration destroy progress and do nothing other than raise our blood pressure.

Do this often enough and we ruin our health spiritually, mentally and physically: ultimately financially too.

Digging up the seed to check on its progress wrecks the whole process and all we’ll have to do is start again from the beginning.

Nature runs to an exact Law and like electricity, it is objective.

Whether we understand it or not we have no choice but to respect and obey it. Work within the prescribed parameters (or suffer) is the Law.

We have to adjust to doing things the right way; doing things the wrong way earns a whacking. The Law is impartial, objective and simply acts for or against.

We can use electricity to fry and egg or burn the down the house… warm water for our tea or electrocute us. The Law knows only to act.

No power punishes man other than his own ignorance or blatant disregard. He can get paid or end up paying. Again, the Law knows only to act.



In exactly the same way we can use the Law for our benefit and doing so takes all guesswork out of life and living.

Plant the seed of whatever it is we want and maintain the right environment.

The Law does not have a choice, no option, no alternative but to produce, to grow and deliver that harvest… that… whatever it is we want

Positive gives you positive; negative gives you negative.

There is a saying which says, think rich you get rich; think poor you get poor. What part of that do you not understand?



So what are we planting to-day? What environment are we going to maintain to-day?

Are we going to maintain a positive mental environment to get what we want from life to-day?

Without the right environment you will lose. It is The Law.

With it you win; again… it is The Law.


NEXT WEEK: What the heck is The ‘Right Environment?’

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THE WRITER: Errol Clarke is a Life Skills trainer and Life Coach specializing in people-empowerment. “I am an empowerment mystic using simplified metaphysical tools to help people realize their “Real Power” to meet their ‘soul purpose’ spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.”

  • 2-IC of EC Training Network – ECTN & Academy of Creative Empowerment – ACE;
  • Originator of the “Total Power” method of training;
  • A passionate, lifelong student of Science of Mind, currently studying for his B. Msc.
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