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Poverty to Prosperity

The African Awakening

This is the only known programme in the world which can empower every man, woman and child
in the correct scientific way to become prosperous and in so doing, eradicate poverty permanently.


                 Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
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A real African Awakening is very, very long overdue. This is it!

For years and years we have searched everywhere for the answer to man’s greatest challenge — the monstrous, murderous disease of poverty — when all the while it is right here, staring us in the face. But, as always, man searches everywhere else except the one place where he will always find the answer, within himself.

Year after year it wreaks its its massive, misery and havoc unchallenged, and instead of dealing with it, many a man pretends it does not exist.

He pretends to be normal but cannot be. He pretends to be free but cannot be. To be free he needs money, and that he does not have — nor does he know how to get it. His normal is abnormal, his freedom stolen, his peace of mind destroyed as he gets wrecked, robbed and wracked to live less and less of life each day. 

Many pray fervently and feverishly for relief. Others vent on madness like crime, substance abuse or gambling to dull the pain and get out of the have-not gallery into that of the haves. But how…..?

Drugs, booze, sex and every other crazy trick gets tried, all in vain as the savage beast poverty carries on its sadistic feeding frenzy, sating itself as it destroys minds and lives at will. Surely this is not the life we want?

Yet all the time the answer stares us right in the face. It could not be closer than it is. The thing we are looking with is the thing we are looking for.

But hey, this is not about the problem; it is about the solution, a solution which is fail-proof. It works as surely as the Law of Gravity.

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               Cape Town – Gateway to South Africa

This project brings relief, and with it many, many exciting  opportunities for the youth, as well as those older who are looking for a way to live life to the fullest. 

It teaches a step-by-step process of how to get free of poverty by teaching how to achieve a life of prosperity and fulfillment which is the only way to do it.

To rise above and get free of poverty a man does not focus on the poverty for as long as he does so, he will stay locked in poverty. That is why this programme teaches prosperity, and it does so simply and scientifically.



In addition, it comes with a FREE live online support service that makes it seem as if you have your own personal and private coach right at your side to help you through and answer any questions you may have no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to be. 

Two points make this programme absolutely failproof.
One: It is based on the principles of Natural Law — can the Law of Gravity fail? And…
Two: It comes with our dynamic P.A.L. Service — our Permanent Assist Line, the FREE live online support service  — which to be used to make sure you understand every detail.

Even though this programme started at the tip of the continent in South Africa, it is destined to unfold northwards steadily. It can also be launched in any country at any time. Therefore, translation into different indigenous languages is mandatory and urgent. International expansion is inevitable. 



Although millions need it, the reality of life is not everyone will embrace it. For it is a sad truth that some are just too lazy to make the effort to change. It is for those who are truly determined to rid themselves of the degradation of poverty. Reality is there are those who would rather continue suffering.

That is also the reason for our very unique and powerful marketing strategy.


It is for every father and mother who wants to raise their children into a life of dignity; for every son and daughter who wants to bring relief to their parents who sacrificed so, so much to give them what they have.

And it starts with you the reader, reading these words now, knowing that if you are still reading it means you relate. 

This project needs you. You can get onboard now. Click here!

You will take the necessary action to make a positive difference in your life and that of the many others whom you will positively inspire.



Preferably a computer, laptop or tablet, but even a Smartphone will do. You have to have ready access to the internet and you have to have data so that we can stay in touch. That is most important.

But far, far more important than owning the technical gadgetry is the will to win, the divine determination, the guts and commitment to rise above the degradation of poverty.

If you have that, no matter where you are, you can reach us. But you will also know that you can get in touch with us from your nearest Internet Cafe, or from your best friend’s Smartphone. .



Seen for what it is, this is not so much a business venture as it is a mission. It is a war being waged to achieve the inevitable eradication of poverty, the deadliest disease which has ever ravaged mankind. 

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To put this in perspective, poverty has wrecked more lives, devastated more homes and killed more people than all the wars and sicknesses combined since the beginning of time.

Please read the previous statement again and let it sink in.

Yet man, for all his remarkable advancement in technology, conquest of outer space and planting of cameras and robots on faraway planets, has not applied himself sufficiently to provide the answer for his greatest challenge at home, poverty.

Behind the tidal wave of crime currently sweeping our beautiful South Africa with sickening swathes of lawlessness and thuggery, dozens of protests daily, massive unemployment, brazen disrespect for human life or dignity lies the grinning face of poverty.

It makes grown men cry, grovel and eat gall every day. Yet the vicious evil of poverty seems to be left to run on unchecked.

But as Edmund Burke so aptly stated… the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. We will not be part of the ‘doing-nothing’ brigade any longer.

If, through this programme just one person would raise themself from poverty to prosperity, then all the effort and time that has gone into compiling it has been worthwhile.

Here and now we stand up and fight and we will keep on fighting until Africa can stand proud and lay claim to being the first continent on planet earth which has defeated and eradicated poverty completely.

Close on 79% of the population of Africa lives below the international breadline, the most poverty-stricken continent in the world. 

Yet, in every problem lies an opportunity. Poverty is a massive problem which brings a massive opportunity… for those with insight. The name for that massive opportunity is The African Awakening.

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Charitable work is often a necessary thing and a good idea… as a temporary solution … up to a point.

It brings relief for a short while, but it does not solve the problem and it does not teach you how to become rich  and rich is what you want to be. Rich is Right!

The best you can do for the poor is first become rich yourself and then, by the example you’ve set, inspire, or simply teach others how to do what you have done. Nothing beats showing. Nothing!

Poor you are part of the problem; rich you are part of the solution. It may sound harsh but it is the truth and there is nothing soft or gentle about being poor.



Anyone who talks about fighting poverty is sadly very uninformed, which is a polite way of saying they are seriously dabbling in the male cow fertilizer department. It makes for great political rhetoric and dramatization; it sounds nice to a crowd.

It also seems to be what the masses want to hear, yet it is meaningless. Ask any speaker who makes that statement how they are going to fight poverty……..?

How do you fight a mindset? The slightest investigation will prove that what you resit will persist and what you magnify you multiply.

To talk about fighting poverty is plain stupid and only increases poverty. Little more than 2,000 years ago the greatest teacher who ever walked the earth taught, “Resist not!” but it seems that most have still not learned.

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Religion, no matter how good it may be, is not a cure for poverty. Religion teaches religion, not how to become prosperous. To learn to become a medical doctor you go to a medical school, not church; to become an engineer you go to university, not a synagogue, temple, mosque or church.

Find a place where there is absolute sincerity and caring as to whether you really learn — both the theory and practice — how to succeed in taking your life from poverty to prosperity.

To put it plainly, you want to get rich, because again, Rich is Right!

It is healthy to be wealthy! And you know what? It is Very Healthy to be Very Wealthy!” 

You are at such a place now!

This is an H & S Business Operation.
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The heart of this programme is a dynamic course called, “Total Power” Poverty to Prosperity. It is based on Universal Laws and therefore you cannot fail. The 9 modules are simple to understand and anyone who can read and write is able to do it and succeed.

Each module ends with a Memorandum of Understanding, a set of simple questions which have to be answered so that you’ve got it together.

Your success is our main concern.

That is why there is expert online guidance (worth R3,600:00 p.a.) FREE. So it is as though you have your very own personal coach at your side at all times. At the rate of one module per week, it will take about 9 weeks to complete it the first time around. It is something you would want to repeat again and again so as to take your life higher each time.

Poverty to Prosperity — 9 x Modules @ 1 per week;

  • Detailed written instructions and online help;
  • Theory & Practice …measured & monitored;
  • Memorandum of Understanding – you cannot fail;
  • Online guidance & advice FREE
  • Pay once, do it over repeatedly FREE;
  • Personal Coach FREE;
  • There must be physical evidence of your progress;
  • 80% and physical proof is required for a Certificate of competence;
  • Automatically become part of the ECTN Family. Keep growing for life.



There is no other course on the market that we know of which offers a better way to achieve a life of true and total prosperity. There is no better time than this very moment to start your journey into the life you want and deserve.

There is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER on until the end of this year through which you can literally save yourself thousands of rand.   



Standard cost of this, our flagship course is    –    –       R12,600-00
Total     –   –    –    –        –          –        –       –       –       –  –      R6,300-00

Package includes:

Personal Online Coach for 12 months         –       –  –      R3,600-0  FREE
P.A.L. Service for 12 months         –      –        –       –   –     R3,600-00 FREE

Conditional Discount
On condition that you agree to…

*Teach this course to 3 people for FREE  you will get a further discount of   R1,800-00


Final Promotional Discount Price       –    –  –   R4,500-00 


This can be paid cash or in 2 parts of R2,300-00 x 2 over 2 consecutive months (R100-00 extra). Banking details below for South African customers

*Teach the same course to 3 (three) people — family, friends, neighbours, colleagues  or anyone of your choice for a further discount of R1,800-00. Yes, change the lives of at least 3 people for FREE. (Please send their details — Full Name, ID, Mobile / WhatsApp number and email to: We will send them the full course and they will have the very same benefits from us as you do. There is simply no better or faster way for you to guarantee your own success than this. Our principle of operation is to refund every 10th customer’s payment in full, once they have completed the course.



There is also a fantastic opportunity to start a Home Brew Business Operation — run a small training school from your home under our guidance. For details, please click here

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Thank you. 

As from 1st January price of the course becomes R6,300-00

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There is no better time to get going than NOW! Make your full payment of R4,500-00 or the 50% deposit of R2,300-00. (Payment in 2 parts is R100:00 extra).

Simply let us know on WhatsApp 079 477 7656 that you’ve made your payment  Complete and send in the form with your details here and you will have the first package  in your Inbox in less than 24 hours.

                    Break the chains that bind you NOW!

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        Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!

       Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!

       Because we are South Afri-canWE CAN!



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e-mail address is ever published, shared or divulged.