“To learn how to think is to learn how to live”
Ernest Holmes – Father of Science of Mind 

                   Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!


The Real African Awakening is an awakening of the mind, that powerhouse which is infinite, and which has been largely left untapped by the majority in Africa, until now. It is truly an amazing and wonderful happening.

The Giant called Africa, stirring from its long, long slumber, is about to rise, to shake off the fog of limited and restricted thinking which has held it captive for centuries of centuries and take its rightful place on centre stage of the world. 


Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. The time for The real African Awakening has come. Africa is about to rise.

We repeat… watch!

Yes the real Africa is about to rise, to break free and let loose its hidden powers, powers that have been left to lie fallow for so long. This is the key, the real key to that future as the leader it deserves to be and is becoming.

Poverty and all misery it has wrought is the first beast to be destroyed.

As man frees and uses the Infinite Power of his mind, the Universal Mind Power in Which he lives, moves and has his being, he will re-write history. The time for awesome, amaaazing achievement and magical living is now.



 The Real African Awakening is a dynamic, scientifically designed programme which is about to become a major movement empowering ALL people to raise themselves en masse  from poverty to prosperity. 

2. Poverty is the deadliest disease in the world that has killed more people and ruined more lives than all the wars and sicknesses combined since time began…

Man can conquer space but he cannot cure poverty at home. Why not?


a) With a custom-designed, dynamic 3-part training programme…
b) Driven through a countrywide network of training centres…

c) Women and youth will be trained as trainers to train trainers

d) The future lies in youth… in women, the backbone of the country…
      e)  The women and youth will train / empower the people en masse.


a)  It is training based on transformation… change from inside out…
b)  It is NOT a short-cut; it is a for-sure cut that has been proven

c)  It also brings very many additional employment opportunities
      d)  To build a successful country we must have more successful people…

There is no plan in creation more effective than this. Its basic principle is…  “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” THAT makes it fail-proof! No one fails this programme.

We need all the help we can get. If you are reading this, get in touch.
You can reach us here. 

The plan is ready to roll as we speak!!!

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