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The African Awakening

“To learn how to think is to learn how to live…”
Dr. Ernest Holmes – Father of Science of Mind


                 Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!


                       Cape Town – Gateway to South Africa

The biggest problem in the world to-day… the biggest problem in the world 1,000 years ago and the biggest problem the world has ever faced as far back as you care to go in time… is poverty.

In a nutshell, poverty has wrecked more lives, devastated more homes and killed more people than ALL the wars and sicknesses combined since the beginning of recorded history. And still, man stands powerless against it, until now.

Man may spin around the earth, stroll around on the moon and place cameras and robots on far-away planets, but he has hopelessly lost the plot or the will-to-win when faced with his greatest challenge at home… poverty.

That is, until now. 


WELCOME to The African Awakening!
Thank you for being here.

The African Awakening is the one programme that will — not maybe, will — take Africa, the dark continent, as it is popularly called, or as was referred to in even more derogatory terms by a particular American president, ‘ the ****hole countries,’ to where it belongs… an accepted world leader.

With this programme, Africa awakens, rises from its long, long slumber to take its rightful place… at the front of the class. This is about the answer to  poverty and it does not get much bigger or more serious than this.

Based on the natural principles of Creation, The African Awakening presents a dynamic programme and process of never-ending growing and improving, developing and unfolding. An explosion of progress, development and evolution is both imminent and inevitable.

Someday soon, South Africa will set the benchmark for Africa and Africa will set the example for the world. For, in this dark continent lies the Light of the future.

Whereas some people may not be thinking now, soon they will wake-up and achieve great things. When that happens, watch out world.

If you are reading this and you relate, please get in touch. This ‘thing’ is far, far bigger than we at first imagined. In fact it has no end. There is fantastic work, amazingly, richly rewarding work to get done and we need ALL the progressively thinking minds we can connect with.

Not age, gender or nationality matter. Your creative mind, your willingness to help yourself as you help others is what counts. This has started as an African thing… but it is truly a humanity thing. If you relate, we need  you. You can reach us here!

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation. For details please click here.
You can reach us here!


“To learn how to think is to learn how to live…” This is about living real life. It is about happiness, success, freedom and all else that comes with it.

The main agenda for this programme is the total and permanent eradication of poverty. It cannot fail, for not only is there no such thing as failure in life, but, it is also based on the rock of ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ It is about transformation from inside out, the only way real empowerment is ever achieved. It is not a short-cut. 

On top of that there are more opportunities in this project than can be listed here, and each one is about people upgrading their lives to achieve personal prosperity while building their community and the country at the same time. 


Think rich, you get rich; think poor you get poor. What part of that do you not understand?

Here are but some suggestions that can be developed for prosperity. Grab one or grab a bunch, move on it and start earning a darned good income to-day. You will have our full online support and guidance to make your winning a certainty.
Here are some ideas….

  • Direct Marketing Agents … be trained (FREE) to market the dynamic course Poverty to Prosperity according to our unique failproof marketing system. You can be based literally anywhere in South Africa or neighbouring countries and earn an above-average monthly salary, think!
  • HomeBrewBus … a business can be run from home from a garage, a creche etc and generate a very attractive income… think! 
  • Partnerships… 2, 3 or more friends can work it as a team … think!
  • Churches… use it for fund-raising or as a fellowship  project…think! 
  • Schools… use it for fund-raising and to educate their learners…think!
  • A family… can run with the idea and generate an income…think!
  • Friends can form a team … and teach others… think!
  • Teachers… can teach students and others from home…think!
  • Businesses… can let their staff set-up success teams…think!
  • Success Clubs… can be established with the idea…think!
  • Co-operatives, Youth Clubs, Sports Clubs, Social Clubs… think!
  • A group of housewives in a neighbourhood can get together…think!

Be creative… if you need help to expand your idea talk to us… get to us here! It’s FREE!
Or talk to us now on Live Chat… bottom of this page R/H/S (Office hrs)


Here it is again… “To learn how to think is to learn how to live…” Said another way, if you don’t know how to think (and most people do not) you don’t know how to live. Then you live your whole life in misery and suffering all the time.

You … don’t … have … to!
You can refuse to be poor!
It’s your right!

Do things differently! Do things wildly! Ballistic is OK. There is a freaking fortune waiting for you. Switch-on your ABNORMAL — normal is yuk! It sucks! It is.. a waste of precious time and life. It sounds so like average, like lukewarm, like mediocre, like nowhere. Normal does not make you rich.

Make no small plans for small plans have no magic to stir man’s blood!

Kick-start your wonderful, limitless creative mind into gear. Demand that Creation takes you where you want to be, there where you belong, there where RICH is. It will! Your only destination is Prosperity. Don’t stop until you get there. Rich is Right!  It’s healthy to be wealthy!

Prosperity is waiting, calling…. your magic, your amazing, your fantastic wants to come out…your good fortune is calling. Hey c’mon!! There’s a better you in you: bring it out… now!! NOW!! Stomp on your accelerator of life. Don’t walk. Don’t even run… FLY!!

Hey man!! Life is for living…… LIVE!!! Let the other person be miserable if they want to, not you. This is for you… for your future. This is for the life you want… the life you deserve. Let’s do this thing!!

And here is the best part in all of this… by getting rich you are doing God’s Will. That is a scientific Truth. If you have a problem with that, get in touch. You’ll find us here!

Think rich… you’ll get rich. Here is our secret (although it is not really such a secret). We give away every 10th course FREE by refunding a customer’s full payment once they have completed the course.

We seriously recommend you do the same and your business will multiply exponentially… faster than you can cope. 2 becomes 4 becomes 8 becomes 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and suddenly you’ve got your very own tribe, your very own army of success thinkers like you. Build your own business empire. 

In a wee while your business will explode! You can move the Universe! Move it! You can push Creation. Push it! You do not have to believe this: try it out for yourself, then write and tell us what you found.

If you want to discuss any aspect of this, get in touch here!


ALL hands are needed. All hands are welcome!

Correctly it starts with the thinking youth, those with the insight to see the truly enormous opportunity for major personal growth, success and prosperity this presents.

It is really for everybody who wants to be free and independent, help their family, their community and live in a better South Africa. 

For the record, South Africa is one freaking fantastic country to live in, filled with far, far more wonderful, awesome, decent, God-loving people than the other kind, warts and all.

With this comes a real, once-in-a-lifetime chance to create your fortune and leave your massive positive footprint for making a difference where it matters most, the upliftment of mankind. 

  Get involved. Click here!
  Or talk to us now on Live Chat… bottom of this page R/H/S (Office hrs)

So how does all of this happen? Where is the magic in all of this?

The heart and soul of the whole programme is the all-powerful course, “Total Power” Poverty to Prosperity. It is the one force against which poverty cannot stand. It brings in every Universal Power strategy there is.  It is Power untapped, uncapped. Here prosperity destroys and removes poverty permanently, just as surely light removes darkness.

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation. For details please click here.


“Total Power” Poverty to Prosperity is the flagship of The African Awakening. It is a dynamic 9-Module course which we boldly say is the only programme in the world which can eradicate man’s greatest challenge in life, the world-wide disease of poverty.

It is the one, the only solution which cannot fail, and will replace a life of poverty, struggle and suffering with real, permanent prosperity and fulfillment in the fullest sense of the word. 

You’ll find all the details on Poverty to Prosperity here.

           Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!



  1. The core of this programme starts with the training and empowering a team of 9 dedicated youth in the course Poverty to Prosperity to the point where they are fully-fledged products of the product.
  2. These trainers must physically prove that they have worked the course and have the results to show.
  3. They will be delegated to certain areas where there is a needy community of people who are unable to afford to pay for the course upfront and train those people in the course, initially for FREE!
  4. As trained representatives of the company, they will train that community to the point where those trained are able to achieve their goals and live the life they want. The trainers will be paid by ECTN.
  5. Added to that, the other major function of these trained trainers is that they will have to train other trainers who will then do the same.
  6. The communities trained will pay a minimal fee for the course once they have completed it and are able to pay 20% of the full price.
  7. Of the 20% they pay, 10% will be donated to a worthy, needy cause.
  8. This system of training trainers to train trainers to train even more trainers is infinite. The first phase is to train 9 — who will then train 9 — who will then train 9 and at this point we’ll have 729 trained trainers who work out in the field daily.
  9. It is only by taking the course Poverty to Prosperity to the masses in this way, with trained, dedicated facilitators, into all different cultures in different languages that the scourge of poverty will ever be totally eradicated. And that…is the Universal Mission of The African Awakening, and our main goal.  

Rich is Right!

It is healthy to be wealthy!

You’ll find all the details on Poverty to Prosperity here.

You can reach us here!
Or now on Live Chat now… bottom of this page R/H/S (Office hrs)

           Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!

           Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!

           Because we are South Afri-can WE CAN!


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