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Presented by an empowerment mystic who uses metaphysics made simple to enlighten, enliven and empower salespeople to achieve their sales goals and their personal life’s goals.

Get the right sales training to solve ANY poor sales problem!!



Give your sales staff the right ‘muti’ to increase company sales.

If they have fallen into a sales slump or ditch, and all you find month after month is low or no sales, you either call for a 40-tonne crane or us, EC Training Network.

And we’ll do a much better job than the crane. Guaranteed!

We’ll come in personally and do the ‘investigate.’  Once a course of action has been agreed upon we’ll get to work.

You can have…

  • A marked increase in sales;
  • Sales training from beginners to intermediates to professionals;
  • Your sales staff’s performance upgraded, up-powered and energized;
  • The answer to weak or slow sales – sometimes people do fall into a rut — they simply have to be shown how to get out again; they want to get out; 
  • A structured sales training programme based on the 5 basic points of any sale – the Dale Carnegie International format;
  • Low sales production cured;
  • Powerful, lasting and empowering motivation FREE!

The training can be adapted to suit specific products, services and conditions for newbies or oldies.

Give them “Total Power” sales power so that they continue to make and exceed target month after month after month…



You can either have us conduct our full six-module course “Total Power” Sales to ensure that every one on your sales team are at equal strength, or focus on specific areas where some may be lacking in ability or sales knowledge.

TPS is a compact yet powerful sales course which is based on the international and accepted format of the psychology of any sale, whether it is the sale of a lollipop or a Boeing 767 plane.



Man is like an iceberg,10% of him is above the water and 90% below.
Managers manage the 10%. The hidden 90% is what he/she is in reality. There is a serious need for management to reach the 90% and they don’t know how.

Our service could include such a scientific personality assessment on each candidate as well as basic management training in the understanding of the system, if this is found necessary.

This enables management to better understand the internal and hidden 90% of the personality of those they manage, instead of only the surface 10% which is the one they deal with and manage daily. If a problem should arise it comes from the 90% and management needs to know how to deal with it.



Included as part of our service is our P.A.L. Service — our Permanent Assist Line valued at R720:00 per person per annum and  it comes totally FREE. (T’s &C’s)

The P.A.L. Service is for support, advice, guidance or simply to be used as a sounding board if necessary. It is completely confidential and is available 24/7 for 12 months to all candidates.


Misconduct or poor conduct by staff can be misunderstood at times. There are times when all it needs is a little more understanding by management which is not forthcoming.

For this reason, having a scientific personality assessment done on your staff is a vital tool for HR. All too often the ego is allowed to rule the roost and as long as that is the case, it can be very difficult to find an amicable solution.

By knowing and understanding the internal profile of an employee, management is better equipped to deal with a troublesome or tricky situation and better able to bring out the best in those they manage.

Yes there are times when a better trained sales manager is able to increase sales. It is what we do as part of the training we do in sales.



  • We compile sales presentations from scratch
  • Representative-related issues
  • Where needed the entire sales operation can be handled off-site online
  • For small to medium companies we would also handle all staff-related issues.

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