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                  Transformation through Inspiration

we are South African  we CAN! 



The situation in our beautiful South Africa, has passed crisis level and we can no longer stand-by and watch the very fabric of life and almost everything we hold dear disintegrate.

A solution is urgently needed which will reach into the very root-cause of our problems and make right the myriad of things that are wrong and becoming worse by the day.

We do not want the kind of solution which is like a leak in the roof — each time it rains we place a bucket on the floor to prevent the floor getting wet. That deals with the effect.

We want to fix the hole in the roof — a solution which deals with the cause… and there is only one solution like that to the problems we are faced with.

This is that solution…. the total solution… the only real solution. 

Some will relate, and with respect, sadly, many will not. It then becomes the responsibility and duty of those who do relate to reach out to those who do not.

Even if we have to drag them kicking and screaming into realization, that is what has to be done.

You do not solve a problem, you rise above it. Carl Gustav Jung. This is that ‘rising above it’.   

The underlying call throughout this project is for involvement… yours!

Simply reading and being knowledgeable about the situation is not going to fix it. Erudite discussions do not cut it; only the right action and involvement does.

Giving people houses and services is not the answer. It brings temporary relief, but it has its limitations. To give a poor man a house is a nice gesture, but all you are going to have then is a poor man in a house. You gave him relief, yes. But you have not empowered or enriched him. It adds to his frustration. This way he is still dependent on hand-outs.

 All the charity in the world, although necessary to a point, is good, it is practical and brings temporary relief because all of these kind gestures only address the effect, the wet carpet. They do not deal with the hole in the roof, the cause of the wet carpet.

No other programme available at this point in time holds as complete a solution to the problems we currently face (2018) in this magnificent land of ours as this. You be the judge.

You can get involved here!

To have a great country we have to have great people. This is the manufacturing plant

Composed by Errol Clarke for EC Training Network

This précis contains only the Opening Statement and the Introduction.

The full programme —


is available on special request. (T’s & C’s)



Transformation through Inspiration

The Full Programme


1. Opening Statement

2. Introduction



3. The Goal – The South Africa We Want and Deserve

4. The Plan with a built-in guarantee – A Team of Like-Minded Positive Drivers

5. The real problem is NOT poverty  – The psychology to erase it

6. The Plan must be built on the youth… it is – Training of many, many Trainers 

7. The Call to Action – Other Organizations – Your Involvement – The details

8. A Cohesive Whole – The Positive South African Way of Life – Media Involvement 

9. Truth…The Only Complete Solution – There Is No Other

“Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural.
It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated
by the action of human beings.”

Nelson Mandela –
Make Poverty History

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