“Total Power” Inspiration – TPI                                                               

  • This is the programme to let loose the “Total Power,” the Powerhouse of Success, the Giant of Creativity you have in you;
  • Simply the most powerful personal development programme in the world for complete success Spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. Better than TPI does not exist;
  • TPI – ‘Father’ to the fickle world of motivational training. It moves your soul; the heart must follow – success and a life of complete fulfillment become inevitable.
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“Total Power “Public Speaking

  • Capture the hearts and minds of your audience within the first ten seconds;
  • Construct any talk/presentation to the five basic steps;
  • Professional and powerful, classes limited and controlled.
  • Includes Personal Development and Human Relations.
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Empowerment for Employment  
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This is the one programme every job-seeker needs to do. It empowers you with the skill of how to present and market yourself successfully and as an employable product to find employment quickly.
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“Total Power “Sales  
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The highest-paying profession in the world is professional selling. With this programme you will be able to sell any product professionally anywhere, anytime. Based on the standard international format, this course covers the fill spectrum of sales training right from the initial meet-and-greet all the way through to specific strategies of closing sales, as well as how to handle objections. The background thread of the psychology of sales is part of it all. For individuals or teams, in-house or away, this course is a must.
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Scientific Career Guidance

This is a must for all students from Grade 9 upwards, in F.E.T. Colleges, universities and adults who need certainty about their life’s professions, choices and future. Without it you are flying blind.
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     Some of our 1, 2 & 3-day workshops
to upgrade management & staff performance

Work Ethics; Team Building Scientifically; Work Life Balance   Interpersonal Skills (HR); Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management ; Motivating Staff;       Financial Freedom; Stress Management; Customer Relations;  Cultural Diversity; Professionalism; Job Matching; Scientific Personality Profiling;         How to Motivate Staff; Motivational School Camps; Employee Wellbeing;           Management for Results.