Bring certainty into your life with the most accurate,
Scientific guide for your future.


  • – Scientific Career Guidance for students from high school (Grade 9) upwards;
  • – Personality Assessment for individuals / Job Seekers;
  • – Vitally important for Recruitment, Promotions, Management Assessment, Team Building,  Conflict Resolution, Job Profiling and so much more.
  • – Scientifically done;
  • – Results – 99:9% accurate (SAMDC);
  • – FREE back-up, support and basic management training for clients.


Over 93% of all students (in Grade 9) do not know how to choose their subjects for Matric or the career they want to pursue for life. Most of them simply guess, as they do not have any specific guidance, system of reference or criteria for arriving at a definite and correct conclusion.

Far too many get into situations of studying the wrong subjects, and this can lead to wasted years and money. 

Our computer-based, Career Guidance instrument which is 99:9% accurate, is quick and easy to do.

It analyzes the candidate’s personality scientifically, and then from that personality, it accurately extrapolates multiple careers for which that candidate is correctly suited, and presents those in decreasing percentages of suitability. 

Almost every student in high school, tertiary institutions and universities needs this kind of scientific guidance. The youth of to-day, to-morrow’s leaders of our country, need the surety of what they are scientifically suited for to avoid career mistakes in life.

SALIENT POINTSUmhlanga Rocks, Kwa Zulu Natal

1 It is a computer-based, personality profiling & career guidance instrument which is 99:9% accurate, verified as such by the South African Medical and Dental Council;

2.  It is totally scientific, and therefore free of any tampering or emotional pressure, personal preference or any outside influence;

3. The system cannot be adjusted, cheated or manipulated by anyone, including the computer operator. Printed proof of accuracy is provided.

4. It is done by the candidate filling out a questionnaire, takes about 8 – 15 minutes. The answers are entered into a special programme which generates an accurate Personality Profile of the candidate;

5. From that, an accurate Career Match is extrapolated, matching the candidate with a number of different careers for which he / she is best suited;

6. These are presented in decreasing percentages of suitability, usually ranging from “Highly Suited” to “Unsuitable”. This is one of the very few systems on the market to do so.
7. Whereas the services of a psychologist for the purpose of Career Guidance can be very costly, our system is affordable enough for the average person.  

It does not get any easier, faster,   more accurate or cost effective than this.

This service was previously available only to upmarket, private educational establishments, certain universities and select businesses.

Now, through our company, it is readily available at a very affordable price to all students, to businesses and the ordinary man-in-the-street.

There is only one criterion to do the questionnaire, the candidate must be able to read, write, speak and understand English comfortably. 

For this reason it usually applies to students in high schools from Grade 9 upwards (South Africa), those at F.E.T. Colleges and universities or anyone who appreciates why the need for an accurate, scientific personality assessment is necessary to see what they are scientifically best suited for in life.


Yes, because more than 93% of all students in Grade 9 do not know with meaningful surety, how to choose their subjects for matric or a career, so most of them simply guess. 

Far too many get into situations of studying the wrong subjects, and this can lead to wasted years and money.

It is a fact that hundreds of students in F.E.T. Colleges do not know which career they are best suited for. So many of them get into IT, not because they like it or are suited for it, but simply because they feel it is the ‘in-thing’ to do.

A grandmother lost her life’s savings of R56,000:00 insisting her grandson studies for a career for which he was not suited. In extreme cases it can mean a wasted life.

So BEFORE any final decision is made regarding your son or daughter’s career and ultimately, their future, DO THE SENSIBLE THING...

Make the small investment to safeguard


This service is also available to companies, businesses, organizations and teams where the correct personality match or blend for a team or group is required for maximum performance and / or harmony. 

It is simply the very best way to improve performance and production / results for executives, management and / or staff within a company.

Details provided include accurate scientific Stress Analysis, Strengths and Weaknesses, Style of Communication, Decision Making Ability to Motivation and Management Style amongst others.

The same system is used to resolve management / staff conflict, pre-marriage counselling and guidance, as well as divorce prevention and many other personality issues. In such cases, a back-up support and couching service is provided.

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