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Just Imagine…

Just imagine… no health worries, no family worries, money worries, no work worries… just plain and simple… no worries.

You are living a happy, carefree life of bliss, freedom and fulfillment on all fronts. Your biggest problem is deciding which part of the world you are going to tour next. And for how long…

You walk tall with a bounce in your step, real joy and a sense of independence fill your mind and you feel so freakin’ good about life it’s as though you could explode at any moment.

You want to shout it out from the rooftops but because people will think you’re nuts you keep it down. So you pretend you are normal like the rest of them.

Or are they?

This has to be insane; no one is supposed to feel this good about life. That is definitely not normal.

Or is it?

You smile at everybody. Some of them simply ignore you while others give you a slight smile in return then look away quickly because you don’t look okay. There has to be something wrong with you.



Look at their faces, look at the body language. Listen to their conversations. What do they talk about? Are they talking about how good it is to be alive; to be able to walk and be free; to be able to breathe?

Have we even considered the fact that we do not have to pay for the air that we breathe? And there is never a shortage of air? Who makes the stuff anyway?

Imagine if the government could work out a way to impose an ‘Air Tax’ for the air we breathe daily? No, don’t imagine that; they might find a way to do it.

But who is normal? More accurately, what exactly is ‘normal’? Is it normal to be constantly plagued by worries of every kind? Is it normal to be stressed and frustrated all of the time?

Is it normal to always be short of money… to panic about the bills, the increasing prices of everything, but e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in the shops? Is it normal to feel that you cannot cope with life?

So help me God… is that what is called normal?



You cannot afford the car you want. You cannot afford the clothes you want. You cannot afford the food you want to eat; you just cannot- cannot- cannot! Is that ‘normal?’

You are not in control of your life, your conditions are. You may not like the job you are doing, but you dare not leave because of circumstances.

You are not earning the money you want, the money you need to live the decent life you want, so you feel locked-in, choked-in, chained in.

Please Lord above, is this the ‘normal’ life You sent you down to earth to live? Is this the life you want?

Of course not!

That is definitely not normal. That is certainly not life and that, for damned sure is not the way you want to spend the rest of your life now is it? Or do you feel you have to?



Can you even begin to imagine if…. If…. just… IF… the first two paragraphs of this blog were true?


What would your life be and become if you had the power, or could find a way to be empowered to change your conditions?

If there was a health problem and you could find a way to fix it what would it mean to you?

If it was a money problem — and isn’t it almost always — and there was a way earn or generate the kind of money you want, have the kind of freedom you want and that what you are reading now is not a cruel or sick joke from a very warped mind, but one-hundred-freaking-percent true?



Stop… please stop and re-read what you’ve just read and then think…. yes think. Think of your life as it is and then think of the life you want. What if it were true?

Weigh the one against the other and think some more… and some more… and then still some more.

Hey, the least you owe yourself is to check out whether this is some stupid joke written by a nutcase, or if it possibly, you know just perhaps, just maybe there could be some modicum of truth in it.

You will find all the links below for you to do your homework thoroughly. Nothing is hidden.
As well as our contact details.



You do not have to imagine… and then tell yourself ‘if only it were true.’ Relax…

Every single word you read is absolutely true… it is accurate… and it can be yours!

The one who carries on suffering after having read this has not registered what he read.

Of course do your homework. Of course discuss it with others and of course check out in detail whether this is true or not. Demand more information, that is basic common sense.

Could it be authentic? Is it genuine? Could it possibly be true? Or have we slid sooo far down the hole of accepting negativity that all we see is what is wrong, the negative side of life?



That dream life of yours, the one that whenever you look at it in your mind’s eye you say ‘if only’, if only I had the money, or, if only I was 20 years younger, or, if only I had a better job, a better education etc. Then you tell it to shush!

WHAT IF you were told that you are in the best position right now to start creating the life you want?

WHAT IF you were told that in 999 times out of 1,000 a man does not use even 5% of the power he has?

WHAT IF you were told that you are suffering — if you are suffering in some part of your life — that you are suffering for nothing… that you CAN stop it and change it at any time you choose?



Now what if you were told that the underlined statement above is one-freaking-hundred-percent true?

Don’t you think that the least you should do is to check it out? Or do you just carry on suffering?
It is your life and no one else is in a better position to turn it into the life of your dreams than you.

And again — just in case you did not register it the first time — every freaking word of this is gospel true.

Just imagine the feeling of power, of freedom, of… ‘At last I’ve done it!’

The only one to decide whether your life starts changing and upgrading as of to-day, or stays the same for the next so many years… is you.

Years ago there was a liquor ad with a jingle that said… You can stay as you are for the rest of your life, or you can change to ******.” The little stars represent ‘whatever you want it to be. Can you do it?

Oh definitely yes… YOU CAN!



‘God provides the wind, Man must raise the sails.’ St. Augustine. Raise your sails and let the wind of your better future grab hold of you. Fill out the simple form here and hit send. Do it now for that will get the ball rolling.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside, inside the circle of a real positive life of absolute freedom and total prosperity.

You have greatness in you and that is not even a compliment. It is a scientific fact. You CAN do it! All that is needed is for the wind to get into your sails… for the light of that Greatness to be lit.

That’s what we do. We’ve done it for many, many years for very many others. And we’ll walk with you every single step of the way.

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Above all else, take action now.

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Errol Clarke is a passionate student of Science of Mind for more than 35 years, a Life Skills trainer and Life Coach specializing in people-empowerment. “I am an empowerment mystic using simplified metaphysical tools to help people realize their “Real Power” to meet their ‘soul purpose’ spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.”

  • 2-IC of EC Training Network – ECTN & Academy of Creative Empowerment – ACE;
  • Originator of the “Total Power” method of training;
  • Currently studying for his B. Msc.
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