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 Part 1 (of three) THE INTRODUCTION

 South Africa is an awesome country in the truest sense of the word and it is a country destined for greatness. No, not wishful thinking, it is a fact and, if you read this with an open mind, you will agree.  This RSA is an awesome country because of its awesome people. 

Here are the facts:-


FACT 1:         We NEVER give up!

We may be bruised and bloodied at the moment, but rest assured we bounce back. We never give up because our belief in Good cannot give up. A positive South African, like good people the world over believe that good will always triumph over evil. It will!

The bad and the negative may present whatever challenge they want to, but deep, deep down in our hearts, way down in the depths of our subconscious mind the surety of a winning positive mindset persists. We know we are winners.

Negative is man-made; positive is the Law of the Universe. There is no competition.  Throughout the ages good always has, and always will come out as the winner. The Positive South African is a winner.


FACT 2:         We learned the lesson well!

 Forty years of an oppressive regime that tried its damnedest to subject us to every kind of inhumane treatment, misery and suffering could not break us. If anything, it made us stronger, more determined, clarified our thinking. We thought we’d got it right.

We were not prepared to find a traitor in our midst, who almost destroyed us, but we did and once again, we found there was a lesson to be learned. Life is a school, not so? But as with education, each time we learn a lesson we become wiser and stronger. That is what real empowerment is about.


       FACT 3:         There is no such thing as failure

Man cannot fail. He can give up but he cannot fail. Failure is neither person, place nor thing and the sooner we wake-up to this truth, the sooner we will advance.

Is it not a fact that as long as we occupy our mind with how tough things are, how we may be struggling and suffering that we will never rise above that suffering?

And is it also not true that perception in the mind of the one who has the perception is his reality? The one with the negative expectancy, the criers of doom and gloom, the spreaders of the idea that the ship is sinking have got it all wrong; they have some serious work to do.

The ship is not sinking. It is re-fueling. It is like an athlete, locked into the starting blocks, about to spring forth into a whole new and exciting future. More and more of the good, strong-minded, positive South Africans are realizing that the fantastic and prosperous future we all want is unfolding even now.

What has happened was the fertilizer we needed to grow. Out of the pain of childbirth comes the glory of life. What we have been through is the childbirth.

We know that we cannot achieve success with a negative mindset, so that is what we are working on to change. We needed the challenges to show us that, for without them we would have this confidence.


       FACT 4:         We BELIEVE!

South Africa is a country where the vast majority of the people across the entire Rainbow Nation are people of very strong faith. Despite the different religions, faiths and philosophies we find that we are all praying to the same Supreme Being and the name by which we call it really does not matter. Collectively, our invincible faith and belief are what truly makes South Africa’s Rainbow Nation great.

The problems we encountered along the way were necessary to bring us to this point, and so we learn to be grateful for the problems. Overcoming problems is the way we learn and grow and unfold and develop our power of belief to where it is now, a Giant on the move.

South Africa is a Giant on the move. We are grateful for our problems for without them we would not be where we are to-day. That Giant is driven by our belief and it will not be denied.  We will not be denied.

Are you ready for this?


NEXT WEEK… The Positive South African – Part 2 (of three) THE WAY FORWARD…

(The answer lies in our youth)

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