3 Rules to GUARANTEE your 2019 success!

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Tuesday, January 15 ,2019  

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3 Rules to GUARANTEE
your 2019 success!

 So we are into the New Year, a new beginning; time for those resolutions, time to get it right. It’s also time to grab that success you planned all of last year, only this time, this    time nothing is going to stop you, right?


But did you not say the same thing last year? And the year before? So how can you guarantee that this is going to be the year it all comes right? Before we go there, please answer this…do you want the real answer or a shortcut?


One works… the other does not.

Here are the three rules to guarantee 2019 becomes your year.
This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…

 There is no alternative.

Rule # 1: Get your mind right.

Rule # 2: Get your mind right.

Rule # 3: Get your mind right.

And Rule 23 or 1023 etc.

Everything but everything that happens in life is the result of the Law of Cause and Effect.

The reason most New Year’s resolutions do not succeed is the same reason that most people do not pursue their new gym contracts beyond six weeks, which is the same reason why roughly eight out of ten new businesses fail.

They did not do their ‘homework,’ and you do your ‘homework’ in your mind.

Yes we know, the moment you mention ‘mind’ or thinking, many people turn and run. But that does not change a thing

The greatest teacher of all time laid it on the line for us… Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. That is it!! But sometimes, some of us don’t hear that well.

Spread it any way you choose, dissect it, or get a bunch of ‘Einsteins’ together and ask them  to come up with a better answer and they won’t find any. Because there is none.

There is only one answer to guarantee 2019 and the life that you want; get your mind right. Learning to do that step-by-interesting-step is the greatest thrill and adventure of your life.

You CAN do it. Your future is waiting for you now.

Are you ready for it?   

Within a week or sooner:

The Follow-on: How do you get your mind right?   

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