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Home of “Total Power” Training………Home of “Total Power” Training………Home of “Total Power” Training

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 This is a Heart  & Soul Business Operation:
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“Total Power” training addresses and unlocks the Universal Power every person alive hosts within themselves, yet so few ever tap into. 

It is our simple and unique method of training which very few, if any, other training practices use. The process does not fail simply because  there is no such thing as failure. 

Every one of us without exception possesses Supreme Power, regardless of whether we know it or not. Usually it is only called on and activated in extreme or life-threatening situations. It is the Life Force that keeps us alive from one moment to the next.

What many a man does not realize is that this same Supreme Power is freely available to him at any time and that it is there specifically to be used.

Knowing how to tap into this Supreme Power and using It, is the ultimate key to a completely successful and fulfilled life and is the essence of all our training..

This is not rocket science nor religion — it is simple scientific fact.

Most times this Power is left lying fallow while man claims helplessness against the ravages and challenges of life.

While man wallows in an ocean of unmined talent, ability and potential, and therefore the riches of his untapped power and limitless opportunities, he wastes his life suffering in unhappiness and drowns in abject poverty.

It is there within every one of us to use at any given moment, just waiting to be let loose and provide us with every single thing we could ever want.

Our terminology for this fantastic Supreme Power is “Total Power.” Another name for It is God.

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TOTAL SATISFACTION OR TOTAL REFUND – Our standard service ethic.

Our “Total Power” training is designed for transformation more than the imparting of information. That is why we do not care much for shot-in-the-arm quick training interventions.

It wastes time and money and cannot achieve the mental upgrading of mind needed for any training to be successful. We train to deliver positive results, for both the candidate and the company. 

We work thoroughly and professionally. That is why we support everything that we do with our service standard….  Total satisfaction or total refund! 



Our Permanent Assist Line is a support / advice  / chat service which is available to be used both during and after the training has been done. There may be times when clarification is needed, or candidates have questions that they only remember after the actual training.

We believe we have to be there for that purpose. We are… for 12 months at least. This support service is worth R3,600:00 (US $260.00) per person, and it is FREE with all of our courses or services during this promotional stage. All information is treated as strictly confidential. 


Training is a bringing out of latent power which is already in man...

not a putting-in of anything.

It is in-depth training which reaches into the very depths of a trainee’s psyche and emotional self to arouse a burning desire for life, more life.

Only when they are made aware of what they can accomplish, for both the company and themselves, do they rise to a higher level of thinking.

Only when they rise to a higher level in mind can they perform better and deliver better results than before.

Improve the person and you improve the quality of what they do.

It involves training whereby…  

Candidates want to be trained; they want to implement the new information learned to upgrade their personal performance.

They are eager to test the reality that they were made aware of — that they have “Total Power” within them which they can use and apply to have a better life.

Emotionally, they want to be trained, because  they appreciate how it will benefit them in life and through that, their company.

Without that wanting… without that burning desire to change, the training is lost.

Emotion is crucial in training, because man is essentially a psycho / physical being. However, as much as “…94% of all man’s decisions, reactions and performance are driven by emotion. EQ is much stronger than IQ” – David Goldman – Emotional Intelligence.

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EC Training Network- ECTN is a Heart and Soul Business Operation.

What we do is driven by the heart and inspired by the soul and guided by Universal Love.

It means that our first purpose for being in business is to operate in complete compliance with the Universal Purpose of being as much of a positive force as possible to aid, assist and advance mankind in everything we do.

To this end we are totally committed to:-

1. Be driven by the heart and inspired by the soul through Universal Love; 

2. Be a positive, constructive force to aid, assist and advance mankind —   to help all and hurt none;

3.Teach, train and operate only from a base of Truth and Reality;

4. Give only our best in holistic life skills training at all times;

5. Meet and exceed the normal standards of CRM – Customer Management Relations;

6. Treat each customer with absolute professionalism, respect and humility;

7. Give each customer more than 10 times the use value than the money they pay us;

8. Honour our Service Commitment of Total satisfaction of total refund;

9. To always leave a positive and constructive footprint.

Should we fail to comply with any one of these criteria you may have the service concerned free.

Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training  

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