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“He who rises above the challenge inevitably sees the opportunity”

 We, the older generation apologize sincerely for having let you down so badly.

In many cases you find yourself confronted by issues that are not of your making, problems for which you should have been better prepared.

We’re talking about the opportunities you need for success, better prospects of finding employment, greater empowerment to deal with life’s challenges in a much better way. Because we did not do our homework properly, your chances to achieve the success you want and deserve are reduced. We apologize.


We believe we can still help. There is an answer, one that will go a long way to make amends for our short-sightedness. But we are not short-sighted anymore.

Please give us the chance to mend things as best we can from here on. The solution we have is the only one that works. There is no better one. It is not too late … it is never too late.

It saddens us to see you, to-morrow’s leaders of our wonderful country, fearless yet frustrated; bold yet beaten, defiant and still defeated, even if it is just for the moment. It hurts, it really does.

You are fighting an enemy you do not understand… as yet. We are to blame for that. The ‘real’ education and the ‘real’ empowerment you needed, and still need, was not provided… not until now.

Yes we have the real education, far, far beyond the basic three R’s. This is the real education from the real university of life, the stuff everyone expects you to know, yet very few actually teach it. 

So you have to pick it up in drips and drabs as you go. Here is a chance to equip and empower yourself with that real education and this is a chance like no other. If you are as serious.


It is the real education and the real empowerment that you need for total success in life. Much, much more than simply setting goals, and so much more than just making money. You want to know what to do when you don’t quite feel like doing it, how to fire-up the flames of enthusiasm when it feels you are running out of fuel. You want to let loose the Giant in you that screams for freedom.

                 “You are not limited, you are limitless!”

Yes, that real education — not the basic 3 R’s taught in schools — but the stuff you need to empower you to win over all of life’s many challenges. Real education to teach you how you guarantee that you find a job, even though unemployment is at an all-time high.

Yes, the real education. Somehow we expected you to know, what we also did not know when we were your age. We have not done enough to empower you enough, hence the frustration you feel.

We did not teach you the importance of belief. Has anyone ever trained you how to develop that belief? Because without strong belief you cannot and will not succeed in life. You will find that without belief, self-confidence will be low and you will struggle in life. All your life.

We expected our youth to know, somehow, by some miracle, that unless they lived by absolute integrity, they would draw only negativity and disaster into their life.

We did not make the time to teach them that thought is magnetic, and that every thought is a cause which will create an effect, a result, either positive or negative into that life. Without training, how were they supposed to know these things?

Then when things go wrong in their life repeatedly, they wonder why, but do not understand it. They start feeling helpless and still do not know why, or what to do to fix it, or where to find the answers. How did we ever expect them to know this?  

In most cases these crucial success skills are not taught at home or in schools, so where are our young people supposed to learn them? By trial and error? Some errors do land people in prison; then they are accused of not having known better.

Has anyone ever taught them?

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