What is Empowerment

“To learn how to think is to learn how to live.”

Ernest Holmes – Father of Science of Mind

 Part 1 of 2                                                                                          (An easy 4-minute read)      

We hear it daily, ‘you must be empowered’, ‘empower yourself’, ‘the youth must be empowered.’ What does ‘empower’ mean? How does one empower another? Where does the power in empowerment come from? How does one empower themself?

Questions… questions… and still more questions. Let’s go after the answers.


What is EMPOWERMENT really?

Google has it as… ‘Ability to do something about your needs, wants, opinions, beliefs, and feelings. Economic Empowerment… how people work to create wealth.’

Wikipedia tells us it is… ‘A set of measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities.’ 

Oxbridgeacadeny… “’the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.’

Realllly? Is thaaat what empowerment is? None of those definitions of empowerment really tell what it truly is. In fact they do not even come close. Surely it is much, much more than that?

Without any exception all the definitions found on the internet and in dictionaries scout around what em-Powerment truly is. They do not tell it in-depth so that one can feel empowered. In fact they do not even begin to scratch the surface of the ‘Power’ everyone of us has and is.



Empowerment is…‘realizing and applying the Real Power that you are.’  

Man has only one problem in life.
He does not know what, who and why he is in this life. The moment he finds and realizes what the answers to those three little questions truly mean, he will be empowered.

Without such realization, he is whistling in the dark.

That is why he feels that he has no power; that is why he feels his problems are bigger than what he is and that is why he suffers when all the time he is, and he has all the power he will ever need in his life.

You have more power than you could ever imagine. Literally!

Most people live in a mental fog unaware of what they truly are and because of this not knowing, they suffer.

The principle in support of this is scientific. And here, science and religion say the same thing.

The moment you find the answers to those three questions, the what, who and why, you will overcome all your problems. 

Repeat… ALL your problems will be over.      



Man — let’s say a young man, a youth — is like a rocket ship on a launching pad, loaded with fuel, ready to blast off into outer space, ready to discover new horizons, new worlds, new life.

‘Ten, nine, eight…’

He is also loaded with great expectations, anticipation of the wonderful goals, visions of the tremendous future of success he is about to unfold, the magical rich and exciting life he is about to create for himself and those he loves.

‘Seven, six, five…’

All that has to happen is that his rocket must fire and take-off. The motors must ignite, the power must come alive and he will blast off into the distant horizon of positivity, prosperity and endless financial freedom. He is filled with positive expectations of an exciting life ahead.

‘Four, three, two…’

Only problem is that nine times out of ten… his rocket ship does not take off.

Why not?

Because he does not know how to press the “Go!” button. No one has ever taught him.  

No one has ever walked him out of the fog of self-doubt and not knowing, into the wonderful realization of the Real Power he is.

It does not have to be that way for you.

The moment this Realization happens, yes, Realization with a capital R, the moment he awakes from the sleep he calls life now, as soon as he takes off the blinkers he is wearing — and trust me, we all do at some time or another— he will hit that “Go!” button hard. Very hard. 

His rockets will ignite, the controlled explosion of a lift-off will start his journey into that wonderful, wonderful future of his dreams, of limitless success, happiness and prosperity.

The problem is that many, if not most of our powerful youth do not ever find that “Go!” button. So they settle for a life that is far less than what they want. And that need not be. 

Question is how does he make his ignite…rocket blast-off? How does he make it happen? He needs to be trained. Without the training in this field, chances are that, like the greater majority of to-day’s youth, he will not.



It is the same Power that breathes you, that causes your heart to beat right now. You do not breathe yourself; there is a Power that breathes you.

Stop for a moment and register the previous sentence that you’ve just read.

Repeat: You do not breathe yourself. There is a Power that breathes you. I so wish I could have you read that statement 10,000 times. It is far, far  more important than we realize.

It is the same Power that fuels the sun with 5… million… tons… of nuclear hydrogen fuel every second so that we may have life on earth.

The same Power grows the grass, moves the waves of the oceans, turns the earth on its axis, creates the clouds and gives you and me our next heartbeat and then the next and the next.

And yes, that same Power is there for every single one of us to use in life. It is there for you to use and what’s more, It wants to be used. 

Trouble is, no one has ever shown us how, or taught us how to use this ‘Power.’

That is, until now.

You are reading the answer and we take it all the way.

There is a way, a rather simple way to let loose the Real Power that is in you. In fact it is not just in you… It IS you! But sadly, most people do not know this. Others doubt it.

Still others are so filled with negativity and ego-driven perceptions of self-importance that there is no space for knowledge like this.

Light cannot enter darkness where a mind believes in darkness and will not let it go. A Course In Miracles.

And yet, that Power that wants to be used is the Real Empowerment.


Ahaa!! Are we starting to think? Are we starting to ask questions? That is great. It shows we are thinking and only through thinking positively, creatively and constructively will we ever find the answers to life.

Remember our slogan… “To learn how to think is to learn how to live.”  

Do you want proof that what you have read so far is true? The answer is so simple, so close. In fact…the thing you are looking with is the thing you are looking for.



Sit quietly in front of a mirror and look into your eyes. Look as deeply as you can. Stare into the deepest depths of them and ask what enables me to see?”

Go deeper and then deeper still into your mind. It may take one minute or many, but gradually the look becomes a stare and if you hold that stare, something even deeper still takes over.

Eventually you start to see, not with your physical eye but with your mind’s eye. Once the process starts, close your eyes and let the thoughts flow. Do not try and drive it. Allow yourself to be driven. The answer will come.

This is meditation at its simplest level. This is where the real answers are found. 

It may take one session or more, but, if you keep asking of yourself sincerely, demanding an answer, “what is it that enables me to see?” Soon you find yourself entering a realm of quiet where a ‘Something Thought’ wants to give you the answer.

You will find that your own mind wants to answer you. Your own mind wants to show you the proof that what you have read so far is 100% fact and true.

If you keep asking the question and you still do not get an answer, ask yourself what is it that creates the clouds? Or, what makes the wind blow? Or, what makes me grow? Or, what is it that changes the food I eat into blood, tissue, bone and energy?

Keep asking. The answer will come. The answer must come because it is there. All that is needed is for you to get you out of the way for it to come.

Face the fact that there is a ‘Something’ that does all of this all of the time. It is that ‘Something’ which is the real empowerment. Not you, or me. On our own we are nothing and we can do nothing. If you’ve got this, you’ve got it all.

Try not breathing for a few minutes and you will soon reach the point where nothing, but nothing on earth is more important than your next breath.

Because in Truth, there is nothing more important in life than your next breath. Inevitably you have to agree and accept that there is a ‘Bigger You’ in you. There is a Power working in you and through you even as you are reading this now.

Working with that Power and letting that Power work through youthatis Real Empowerment. Not the shallow explanations that get bandied around as empowerment.

There is a simple strategy involved in how that gets done.

In Part 2 in a couple of days we’ll deal with how we do that.
Do not miss it.

And oh, the ambiguous terminology used all over this blog such as ‘Something,’ ‘Power,’ ‘Realization,’ ‘Bigger You’ and such, obviously all refer to the same thing, which is God.

But of course, you knew that all along, right?

Stay positive, happy and blessed.
Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

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