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The Urgent Need

 Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

We are sitting on a time bomb and the burning fuse has reached its end.


There is a major challenge facing us in South Africa. It is bigger than the rampant corruption in government, and more dangerous… far more severe than the rising, raging tide of poverty, suffering and extreme frustration which the majority of our population is forced to endure.

A quote from The Daily Maverick not so long ago states: “Reducing poverty is seen as the world’s greatest challenge, and in South Africa it is counted as one of the country’s triple threats, the other two being unemployment and inequality. “

It is worth mentioning that all three factors — poverty, unemployment and inequality — affect our youth more deeply than any other area of our society. 

The urgent need is our youth in crisis. Severe Crisis!

We, the older generation are hugely to blame for that crisis. Here, to-day, in 2017, the result of our actions, or rather, our IN-action has finally caught-up with us.

Because of us, they came into life and a country crippled by corruption, massive inefficiency, and not enough opportunities by the proverbial mile, to express their blooming potential and zest for life.

They want answers: they deserve answers.

In the prime of life, they find themslves stymied and obstructed by problems that are not of their making. Granted, no one is born into an ideal world, but if truth be told, we could have done more, much more really. 

They want to be successful; they deserve to be successful and we should have done more in providing opporrtunities, prospects, breaks, and chances for them to express themselves, to unfold and become what they want to be, to create the life and achieve the success they want.

It took the youth to give the country the wake-up call it needed in 1976, which ultimately led to the ending of apartheid, and for the country to move forward. It does not have to be a repetition of the explosive death, destruction and mindless devastation again, for the country to be given another wake-up call to move forward once more.

But their frustration needs an outlet; an answer must be provided quick-smart or the fertilizer is about to make some serious contact with the fan. And the ‘splashings’ will touch everyone without exception. Again, it does not have to go that way.

South Africa is a fantastic country, possessing vast and multiple resources, with the most incredibly wonderful people of outstanding spirit and potential. We have everything, everything we could ever need to become the benchmark for the rest of the world. Just look at who we were in the Mandela era.

However, potential untapped does not mean much. Frustration without a defusing valve is really not a good situation, for when the top blows there is no control. We should have done better. Much better. Because of that, we are sitting on a time bomb. The explosion is happening before our eyes at the moment.

Unless such a solution is produced and implemented to turn the tide of discontent into one of positive progress post haste, events will escalate in severity from here on. The youth of to-day are facing challenges they did not make nor deserve. 

                                              Let loose the real power that you are!

We brought them into a situation of a corrupt government, pathetically poor services and very limited opportunities for employment. How are they supposed to create a future for themselves without the chance to earn the money they need?

Not only must their grievances be addressed, but the solution must be implemented; the cause of those grievances must be dealt with. With almost 28% of the population unemployed, and of those, no fewer than 3.6 million have given up all hope of ever finding a job.

Of that 3:6 million, over 80% are our youth. They did not create the situation; they pretty much found it as it is. Against that background, is it fair of us to expect them to solve a problem which they did not create? If we do not fix it, what are we leaving them with after we have passed-on? 

The current climate of inefficiency under a leader who leaves much to be desired to say the least, is simply an aggravating circumstance. It is an effect; a result of… We have to get to the cause, the origin of the problem. Any solution that does not address the cause is useless.

Here is a fitting analogy: if you have a leak in the roof, it is not a solution to place a bucket on the carpet each time it rains. Even a child would know that to prevent the carpet getting wet each time, you have to get up on the roof and fix the cause of the leak, the hole in the roof, not so? 

                            Break the chains of ignorance

The cause of the leak in the analogy, and the cause of our youth’s extreme frustration when their cries for help are not heeded, is what must be addressed.

A bigger bucket on the floor is but a temporary relief: the same applies to giving people houses. Gifts are a temporary respite, not a permanent solution.

Give a house to a poor man who did not have a house, and all you have is a man in a house who is still poor. He is still just as poor as before, but more frustrated than before, because he now has more needs, and is still not ‘empowered’ to fend and provide for himself and his family. His thinking is still dependence-bound and not independence driven. His level of frustration has just been increased. 

Trying to appease the current surge of complaints, protests and mayhem by giving them things, may bring some temporary relief to the present situation, but as a solution, it simply serves the same purpose as the bucket on the floor. The effect is being dealt with, not the cause.

It is but a matter of time before those same people will be back with more and still greater demands, because the cause of their frustration has not been dealt with.

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