“Total Power” Inspiration (TPI)



 “Simply the most powerful programme in the world for personal development and complete success spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

TPI is based on “TOTAL POWER” TRAINING, the ONLY programme known training for total empowerment and development in the four main areas of human life.

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You are never just a customer to us, a number or a sales statistic where we have to do a good job to satisfy your needs.

You are a human being, an individual, with specific, personal goals… goals that hold a special meaning for you and you alone. You have placed your trust in us.

We respect and honour that.

In considering us you have basically told us that, you trust us enough to allow us to help you achieve those precious goals you have.

That is CRUCIAL... to us.

We have joined hands, created a bond, one which we revere highly, and we walk this road together with you.  

No, you are never just a customer or a statistic. 

You have your own unique situation and circumstances, unlke anyone else’s. Your challenges are unique to you; we know that. Which is why there are only so many pre-cooked answers we can send you.

Beyond that, you need individual attention, customized for you and your situation specifically — and that is what you get.  

Where a company puts a group through TPI, it is standard practice for us to do a detailed pre-course investigation into the situation, and generate a Scientific Personality Profile on each member. When the group consists of more than 18 people this service is FREE.

(Please contact us for more details on this. You can reach us here).

TPI is our flagship programme. It is a dynamic, inspirational and life-changing experience. 

This course enlightens, empowers and enriches you like nothing else. It has played a major role in the positive upliftment of the lives of thousands of people in the corporate world and numerous government departments. 

Originally created in 1998 as  “Total Power” Motivation – TPM, it has been edited, simplified and upgraded in 2015 – 2016 and re-named “Total Power” Inspiration. The course is so structured that it can be applied to all age groups and levels of understanding.

It is essentially a releasing of ‘The Pent-up Giant’, that ‘Limitless Force’, the  ‘Infinite Power’ every human being has within. When (not if) this is understood and implemented, there is truly nothing in this world that can stop you achieving what you want. The journey itself just becomes a deeply fulfilling experience.

Success is, after all, a journey and not a destination. And any journey is always more enjoyable when shared with people who care about your welfare.

The personal change and upgrade in life which unfolds, establishes authentic empowerment and with that, accelerated growth and achievement on all levels. Inevitably a steep upgrade in professionalism and success becomes a natural process.


No it is not!

Whether it is being done live in a group with a qualified facilitator present, or by Distance Study (Online), we take pride in individual attention given to each candidate. It is the facilitator’s duty to ensure that every bit of information contained in the programme is fully understood. 

No matter where you are, your Facilitator is always there to assist you. 

TPI is a complete personal development programme which inspires from the inside out, being the only way lasting, positive change and success can be achieved.

The course sets in place the foundation for a well-balanced intellect of emotional maturity, integrity, a  mind based on sound self-management principles and correct ethical moral values and mores.

It fires-up and connects with that Unstoppable Force of empowerment, creativity, initiative and self-expression within every single candidate who travels this route.     


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