The poor will stay poor

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Wednesday, February 13 ,2019  
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The poor will stay poor… until…


The poor will stay poor until they either lift themselves out of the false pit called poverty, or they are taught how to do so.

Granted, this is not a particularly attractive topic; it is however a necessary one. Getting to that ‘until…’ is crucial. This may also come across as insensitive, even harsh at times and no apology is made for that.

Poverty is neither attractive nor sensitive. It is a merciless murderer and dealing with it gently is not going to cut it.

In fact, the insidious and merciless disease called poverty has killed more people, destroyed more lives and wreaked more havoc on mankind than all the wars since time began.

But this is not about the problem. It is about the solution, the only solution there could ever be.

The solution to eliminate poverty is not fighting poverty; that is ignorance.

This is about becoming prosperous…. living a fulfilled life spiritually, mentally, physically and financially with absolute peace of mind. That is being truly wealthy. 

Rich is right!


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The cause of poverty is ignorance. The cause of all suffering, misery and wretchedness in the world is ignorance.

The answer, the only answer is knowledge… Light. 

This post is for everyone who wants to rise above poverty and find true and total success and fulfillment.


The effect of poverty is misery, unhappiness, suffering and is nothing less than suicide in slow motion. Rising above it is tough, but anyone can do it.

The only thing tougher than the effort required to rise above poverty is to accept living with it for life. Then the suffering goes on silently every second of every minute of every hour of one’s life.

Poverty wraps its tentacles around a man’s gut and it squeezes… and squeezes the very life out of a man deliberately… mercilessly It leaks into every corner of his mind and the best he can do is pretend to be normal while he is not.

Poverty is not normal and the one who accepts it cannot be normal.

A life of peace, fulfillment and prosperity, good health and happiness, that is normal.


No! Poverty is not inherited.

It is a lifestyle learned, negativity accepted. No one inherits poverty. If your parents are poor it does not mean you have to be poor.

Take what you will learn on this blog then teach them how to rise above it. Everything here is based on Truth.

There is no law that says a man must be poor. Man is poor because he does not think. If he did he would not be poor.

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Of course you can… and if you are still reading at this point listen up!

You do not have to stay poor.  You CAN beat this disease.

The poor will stay poor until… they learn (or are taught how) to break out of their self-imposed bondage called poverty. 

To guarantee that a man breaks out of poverty he first has to learn what caused his present situation. If he does not know what caused his present condition he will not know how to fix it.

He must learns and understand why he is poor to get out of it.

He must get to understand that he was born free and free is what he must be. 

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Freedom is not something anyone gives. It is a realization. Every person alive has it within them. They came into this life with it.

All that is needed is a method, a plan or a way to realize or awaken that which is already there.  


Do NOT concentrate on poverty. Focus on its opposite. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

You do not solve a problem. You rise above it. Carl Gustav Jung.

But how?

You work on your strengths and your power… your mind; you focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, and for that, help, guidance and training are available.

There is help ready to walk with you, step-by-step … until you are strong enough to walk on your own.


You’re reading it.

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You WILL win over the savage beast known as poverty.

You WILL break out of poverty and move into the fulfillment of prosperity. Of that there is no doubt. Not because we say so, but because it is a Natural Law.


Our wish is for your success. Our wish for you is that each time you fall, you get up one more time.

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Two reasons.

One… man’s main purpose… our main purpose in life is to help. We’ve learned enough about life to know that the best way to succeed in life is to help others succeed first. That is a basic Principle of Truth.

Two… because we are gatvol of listening to people in authority who are supposed to know how to help their followers conquer the beast called poverty and they do not. 

They do not have a clue of how to really help the poor climb out of the quagmire into which they seem to be sinking deeper and deeper all the time.

And here is a closing truth for now.

Anyone… repeat anyone (in bold, italicized and underlined)… whether he is Pope, prince or pauper who talks to  you about fighting poverty to get out of poverty does not know what he is talking about

Do not walk away from him: run away!

He is a danger unto himself, and if you listen to him, he becomes a danger to you. He is either ignorant or has a hidden agenda.

Either way get out of there!!

Be blessed… always.



Written by Errol Clarke on behalf of EC Training Network.

THE WRITER: Errol Clarke is a Life Coach and life skills trainer specializing in young adult empowerment, new business development; team bonding and relationship management for couples and partnerships.
“I am an empowerment mystic using metaphysical tools to help people meet their life’s calling spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.”
He is 2-IC of EC Training Network (ECTN), the originator of the “Total Power” method of training, and a passionate, lifelong student of Science of Mind, currently studying for his B. Msc.

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