More People Suffer Than Succeed – Why?

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More people suffer than succeed in life… why? 

PART 1 of 3 – The Problem

 Why do more people suffer and struggle than succeed in life?

With modern technology and Smartphones, the gadgetry, gizmos and lifestyles, surely it should mean we are also mastering the challenges of everyday life, not so?

The reality is that it is… not so.

Hard, cold fact is that more people are suffering than succeeding to-day than yesterday, and the number is growing.             

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Yes, why? And here, let’s be careful about becoming experts on the problem instead of the solution … there is really only one answer that works.

The raw, hard-hitting, unemotional, no-frills, no fluff answer to why more people are suffering than succeeding in life is that man does not think.

A bit harsh, but true.

Generally, man does not think;
he reacts to situations.

Until he reaches the point in his mind where he decides he has suffered enough  for long enough — that he has had it up to ‘here,’ he will continue rioting and protesting and blaming everyone and everything else for the situation he is in.

And while he is doing these things the suffering will continue unabated.

He is searching for the answer outside…
There is no answer outside. 

The only place he will ever find the answer is within… himself!


When man realizes who and what he truly is, he will break every chain that holds him prisoner.

He will realize he is the victor, not the victim. He will rise in full control of every situation, condition and circumstance in his life.


At the minimum rate of once a week, sometimes more, this post will provide at least one vital piece of the puzzle.

It will be a quick, 3-minute read – not more than 360 words at a time – and it will provide real-life, practical answers to many life challenges. Everything is based on Truth.  

Every aspect of the journey will be covered, but you have to walk it.

We will dissect each of the four main areas of man’s development, viz. spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

In to-day’s society, man needs to be prosperous, not just have money.

If you are still reading at this point, your journey into freedom, fulfillment and success has already begun. 



This Series

PART 1 of 3 – The Problem
PART 2 of 3 – The Cause of the problem (next week or sooner)
PART 3 of 3 – The Solution (the following week or sooner)

Topics still in the oven include Why struggle in life keeps repeating itself, ‘Total Power’ Integrity, It is Your Duty to get Rich, It’s Healthy to be Wealthy, Work Ethics, Why Failing is not Failure, The Ultimate Cause of Poverty and how to slay this monster, Empowerment for Employment, ‘Total Power’ Belief, There is no coincidence or accident in life, and so many more.

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