A TEAM OF SUPERSTAR AGENTS countrywide who are willing to work to earn upwards of R12,000:00 p.m.  
Please send your CV to: admin@ectn9.com

There are college students paying their own way doing this at the moment!



To get your own sample – which you must have –  a small REFUNDABLE investment is required.

In aid of total transparency, please be aware upfront that you have to have your own sample of the product. You cannot work without it.

For this, because it is an ONLINE system and to understand the entire process (of the product and how it gets to the customer) you are required to go through the whole process as though you were a customer.

(It is the quickest way to understand the whole process, and it is actually part of your initial sales training). It means that you have to purchase the product.

The cost has been reduced to a SPECIAL PRICE FOR PROSPECTIVE AGENTS.

  • You do NOT PAY R1,440:00 (the normal price);
  • You do NOT EVEN PAY our Special Discount price of R720:00 for customers;
  • But you get it at the lowest price of R380:00 (three hundred-and-eighty rand).

That includes the cost of the courier service to get it to you. 

You have to collect it from the Post Office nearest to you so you have to let us the name and postal code of that Post Office.

PLEASE NOTE: There is nothing untoward or underhanded in this.

It is non-negotiable. You have to have a sample and we have lost thousands of rand through handing out samples for free in the past. The fairest way for us to do this is to give you back your money IN FULL when you have proved yourself. And that is what we do. We REFUND you in full. So you still get it FREE. 

If you would like to discuss this personally, feel free to call me, or WhatsApp me directly on 079 477 7656. We hide nothing. Errol Clarke. 


As soon as you make your 6th sale (usually in a week or so) the full amount is refunded by EFT. Make sure we have your bank account details please.

This means that you really DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR SAMPLE. You get it FREE. 

We operate on a principle of TOTAL INTEGRITY and we do not want to get you interested first and then tell you this. It IS the fairest way for all concerned to handle this matter.


Your full R380:00 is refunded by EFT at your 6th sale which means you get it FREE!

It does not matter whether you know sales or not! You CAN win!

Stay with it… DO NOT GIVE UP… and you will prove it to yourself that you are a winner; no matter if you’ve failed 1000 times in the past. It does not matter!!

Lay the groundwork now so that you can hit the round running, empowered, equipped and ready to roll.

No matter your age or where in the country you are, we are as close to you as your Smartphone, tablet or laptop and our products are needed everywhere. 

The only person holding you back… is YOU!

The opportunity is open to everyone although teachers or ex-teachers or anyone involved in the education profession have a bit of a wee bit of a head start. Full-time or Part-time you can learn and earn. Prove to yourself you can do it! 

You have the support of a company with more than 30 years of sales experience to support you.

Please send your detailed CV to: admin@ectn9.com

Earn R12,000:00 per month
when working to our simple formula.

No joke, no catch, no hidden agenda – and you don’t have to commit any crime.
This is not rocket science. If you can read this, you can do it.

Become a professional sales agent for us and we will show you how every step of the way.

It involves a simple and systematic working system, a principle which cannot fail. All it takes is discipline and effort; not money.

Those who used it proved it.

You will be given EXTRA GUIDANCE right from the very beginning, for the FASTEST FAST TRACK TRAINING. You WILL be pushed hard and you WILL earn more than 12k in a month.

Listen up!! This is NOT rocket science. The average person who applies to us finds it hard to believe that he/she can earn TWELVE THOUSAND RAND in a month whereas before they were used to R3,000:00 … R4,000:00 or in rare cases, R5,000:00 in a month.

And here we are talking about… whaaaat?? R12,000:00????? 

I am asking you to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your mind. Climb out of the mental hole you backed your mind into. This is YOUR chance to break out and find the life you want.

Do you want to be financially FREE? Or do you want to stay in the hole?

In most cases they think this is a joke, a trick, a play on words or a scam.

Guys… this is for real. Follow and do EXACTLY what I tell you — I am a professional sales trainer — and you WILL do it.
Others like you have done it and you can too.

 All it requires is a strong work ethic which we teach.
The price you have to pay gets paid in self-discipline.
The price you have to pay is you have to do what must be done at the time it needs doing.

Work the Principle and the Principle cannot fail. Neither can you…

…until you fool yourself that you can.

Master the steps given… EXACTLY… make the sales quota required and twelve grand plus has to find its way into your account by EFT at the end of the month.

It comes with our FREE total support service every step of the way. Failure is not an option. There is no such thing.

Make 2019 YOUR year!              

Please send your CV to: admin@ectn9.com

Let’s move this thing!


PLEASE… PLEASE… PLEASE… pass this on to as many others as you can and help wherever possible.  Or simply forward this link to them:


  • You can read The Positive South African here!



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