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Look at it this way – training deals with the mind and if a mind resists, refuses or rejects the input offered, whatever is thrown at it simply bounces off. Wherever a mind is unresponsive, it will not accept whatever comes at it. 

The candidate’s mind must be enticed and encouraged, convinced and caressed into wanting the training. There must be a willing buy-in from the candidate.

Without this vital requirement in place, new information cannot enter; will not be admitted.

For any training to be effective it requires the willing acceptance of the new information and the willingness on the part of the candidate to embrace and implement that information to bring about a change of behaviour.  

Behavioural change is always preceeded by a mental change.

“Total Power” Training is based on attitude motivation, not fear or incentive motivation. That is the crucial difference..Quite often information is randomly tossed at trainees in the hope that they will willingly reach out to catch it.

Why should they? 

Any behavioural psychologist will agree that, for any upgrade in performance or to achieve a specific result, a change in behaviour must come from inside. ‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’  The Bible.

FPT training is bringing out from within that which is already there

Only holistic re-programming through “Total Power” Training can achieve that. Training is not a process – it is a revelation!! It is bringing out, never putting in. 

Simply said, training has to be ‘candidate or trainee-focused’ first, and ‘company-focused’ second. It must include development in the four main areas of life, viz spiritual, mental, physical and financial.

Full Person Training is a logical scientific process, a principle as basic to life skills training and human development as air is to life, for without this main ingredient, it cannot and will not succeed.


Our main focus is the customer. Nothing comes before that criterion in everything we do. The standard aim is always to exceed, not just meet our brief.  

ECTN is the home of “Total Power” Training.

EC Training Network are the professionals in “Total Power” Training at any level, executive, managerial or staff. All training is customized according to specific requirements for groups, teams or one-on-one, in virtually any environment and is customized to suit each particular social requirement. Our expertise spans more than 25 years.

Any life skills training presented without a solid TPT foundation is really trying to achieve the impossible. It is the equivalent of trying to have water flow uphill. Without TPT your ‘car’ has no wheels; your ‘plane’ has no wings. The adage ‘you can take a horse to the water…’ relates most accurately.

In most cases staff is told they will undergo a certain training intervention. They are hardly, if ever, consulted and engaged. That, in itself, is a major mistake.

Training has to be a programme, not an event, which is the reason why one, two and three-day workshops are often of more entertainment value than any real practical benefit. They seldom engage the mind of the trainees; it is more a case of information being thrown at them hoping that some of it sticks.

Yes, if you ‘throw mud at the wall for long enough, some of it will stick eventually.’ But how much (time and money) is wasted in the process?

  • Man learns by rote.
  • A change in human behaviour requires repetition, sensitive nurturing and skillful mind management.
  • That is the main reason why, all too often after a short while, the benefit gained in the training evaporates and a melt-down back to square one takes place. 
  • Where the mind of the candidate was not suitably engaged and enticed, a worse case scenario could so easily develop.
  • Whatever was gained gets reversed, becomes a positive minus rather than a positive plus. 

The reason is that there was nothing to sustain the gain; the candidate has no hook to hold it, no support mechanism. Training has to be sustained and supported to ensure that the baby (new knowledge) is able to walk using its newfound ability. Without such nurturing, there is probably more benefit in taking staff on a one-day company picnic or spending a day at the movies.

Question: So how do you get ‘the horse’ to the point where it wants to drink?

Answer: TPT … “Total Power” Training!

At EC Training Network we deliver TPT  professionally. It includes 12-months’ FREE back-up and support for each candidate and where applicable, also for the management team involved. The two components (staff and management) are inseparable, and are both striving to achieve the same objective.

The multiple inspirational and attitude-motivational benefits that come as a natural bonus spin-off are free. They follow as surely as day follows night.


If you want to bring out the very best in your executive team, management and/or staff and with that, achieve the best results for your company, organization or team, allow us the privilege to assess your training needs situation, and give you a detailed report on what training is required. 

We work anywhere. Turning customers into friends and friends into family is just a normal part of what we do.
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 Our basic service ethic and CRM principle is simple … total satisfaction or total refund.

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TCS – TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our major priority!
Training and producing positive results is our passion. By doing that we align with Universal Direction.
Enlightening, Empowering and Enriching is what we do. 
Everything we do is driven by this singular purpose — TCS – TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

The buck stops here!

Customer satisfaction is ALWAYS our first priority. Should you not be 100% satisfied with any aspect of our service, you can contact me directly. The buck stops with me and whatever your complaint or reason for dissatisfaction may be, it WILL be fixed. It will be sorted! It WILL be corrected.
Errol Clarke Executive Officer – 2IC

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 Home of “Total Power” Training  Home of “Total Power” Training 

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