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Can you turn a negative situation such as illness, poverty, doubt, fear, anxiety, unemployment, frustration and the likes into a positive advantage?

Of course you can. It’s simple… to understand, a bit tougher to do. 

But sometimes, with a little guidance in this area from others, you can win this one.


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 A major requirement is the right mindset.  And it has to be in place before the solution to the situation can be addressed. This is an area which is most often overlooked, yet, until you have the right mindset, you can forget about overcoming the problem, whatever it may be. Sometimes knowledgable people will tell you to ‘be positive.’

Yes, thank you: excellent advice. Just one thing though … how are you supposed to ‘be positive’ when you feel like something the cat dragged in? How do you get to feeling positive when absolutely wretched and negative and sick and flat is really how you feel at the moment?

Ahaaa! So there is actually a probelm to deal with before you get to the real problem, right?

The weird thing is that it is at that precise moment that you have to grab hold of that ‘feeling.’ This is exactly the time you have to force-feed yourself the opposite positive. Here is where you put your foot down and take charge. Of course it is going to feel all plasticky and empty at first, but this is the time to push on and exert your willpower and authority.

Begin by being grateful for the situation or problem. No… not a misprint or typo. Yes, be grateful.

Now that does sound strange, To be grateful for a problem. But by being thankful for it, instead of fighting it, you flatten it and take the wind out of its sails. Be grateful for the opportunity to become stronger. In overcoming it you grow stronger. When you fight it, fear it, hate it, or are anxious about it, you give it negative emotional power and control over you.  


Be grateful that it is an event that is passing-through  your life at the moment. It is NOT permanent; and you’ve just taken out the foundation on which your subconscious mind has built it.

When you take out the foundation upon which a thing is built, you take it down. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Think you can you do that? Of course you can!

Let’s take a closer look. 

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You are the surgeon operating on a patient (your mind with the problem).

Let your technique be clinical, not emotional. Let your attitude be neutral: do what must be done.

Act with faith… you set the bones or remove the faulty gland, whatever.

Be grateful for the chance to learn. See the problem solved even before it is.  

The patient (your mind with the problem) will heal and soon be healthy again. In future posts, we deal with this in detail. It’s fascinating stuff.


You’ve just made it (the problem) the temporary thing it is; not a life-long affliction. Tell yourself repeatedly — that means over and over and over again as often as you can each day — that soon things will be changing for the better.


Give thanks for the perfect outcome. You are programming your mind into a positive condition. Back-up this mental work by taking the necessary physical action needed. Positive thinking without positive action ‘don’t mean much.’

Think you can you do that? Of course you can.

See your success ‘a now thing.’ Smell it, taste it, feel it and hear it. Force-feed your mind the pictures of your success as reality in your life now. 

Think you can you do that? Of course you can.


Constantly energize yourself with visions of your end result the problem solved, the wound healed, the relationship fixed, or you happily employed. See yourself already enjoying it.

Expect it! It will happen.

This is the Principle of Magnetism in action.

It works, when you work it, and that is how you turn a negative situation into a positive advantage.

 Think you can you do that?
Of course you can.

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