It Is Your Duty To Get Rich

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Wednesday September 25 2019                                 A  4- minute read for real empowerment


We all are here in this life for one purpose, to make a success of life. A vital part of success is money. The bigger your goals, the more money you need and enormous success demands you have to have enormous goals.

Rich you are part of the solution; poor you are part of the problem. That statement might be a bit harsh, but it is also 100% true.

One of the main problems suffered by the poor is that poverty is accepted as a lifestyle into which one is locked for life.

Not true… definitely not true. Poverty can be beaten. Every problem has an answer.


Here it is again… it is your duty to be rich. Rich is Right! Man is given life to succeed, to rise above all challenges in life.

It does not matter where you were born, or under what conditions, who your parents are or even whether you knew them or not.

It also does not matter what your present circumstances may be, what your bank balance is or whether you even have a bank account or not. It is your duty to get rich and yes, you can do it. We repeat… Rich is Right!


Proper schooling is necessary; an academic education is vital to live a normal life with sound values and principles. But, it is a known fact that…”an academic education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn. Your real education only starts after you leave school when real life confronts you.

In school they teach you the three R’s. They do not teach you how to get rich. And that is what is needed, for the poor to be taught to become rich, wealthy, happy and free; not how to get out of poverty. The focus must be prosperity, not the getting out of poverty. The difference is vital.  

There is no known school that teaches you step-by-step exactly what you have to do to cure the disease of poverty. Yes, poverty is a disease. It is not natural and it must never be accepted.

Still, there is no known centre of learning, no academy or college which will lead you, walk with you through the challenges with which you’ll be confronted so that you can rise above the dreaded disease of poverty.

You do not solve a problem; you rise above it. Carl Gustav Jung.

The question is… how?


Where do you go, who do you turn to when you want answers to all those questions that fly across your mind at those times when everything in you screams for an answer?

In a nutshell, where the hell does one find the answers to be free of the degradation of poverty and achieve a life of distinction… life of real prosperity…? 

Working hard for a company does not do it. It may make you comfortable but it will not make you rich; and rich is what you want. Rich is Right!

Saving money does not do it. Living the most frugal lifestyle does not do it; it only entrenches a mindset of poverty. Investing in stocks and bonds is also not the answer because then your invested money is controlled by someone else, and that is not wise.

So again we ask….. where is the answer? Questions, questions and more questions: where are the answers?


Religion makes you religious, not rich. Just as if you want to become an engineer you would go to university, not to church. You can pray as much as you like and you will not get rich.

Pray, yes of course. But once you’re done praying, go and learn what you have to do to get rich.


Yes, there is an answer, the only answer in this life, the only complete, detailed and permanent answer.  

It is an answer that cannot fail because there is no such thing as failure. You CAN break the chains that bind you and reach that life where you truly live and enjoy the meaning of Rich is Right!           

Stay close.




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Written by Errol Clarke for EC Training Network.

THE WRITER: Errol Clarke is a Life Skills trainer and Life Coach specializing in people-empowerment. ‘I am an empowerment mystic using simplified metaphysical strategy to help people realize the Real Power they have to meet their ‘soul purpose’ spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.”

  • 2-IC of EC Training Network – ECTN & Academy of Creative Empowerment – ACE;
  • Originator of the “Total Power” method of training;
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