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HBB – A Home-based business that cannot fail

HomeBrewBus is the answer to so many problems for so many people out there.

It is a no-nonsense, basic business opportunity that almost anyone can operate from their home, garage, the local church, school, community hall or local park bench, no matter where they may be city, urban, rural or anywhere in-between and it cannot fail.

It is best suited, although not exclusively so, to people who relate to teaching, training, who want to lead or those who are passionate about building and uplifting themselves or their community.

This is the heart and soul of a much, much bigger programme called The African Awakening.

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
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Besides a deep, burning desire and commitment to succeed you will need…

  1. An internet connection (preferably a computer, laptop or tablet)
  2. Data to keep you going, and
  3. An inherent passion to help others and you’re good to go.
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This home-based business is training people (you can trust) in the course Poverty to Prosperity in small groups in your lounge, around your dining room table, your garage, the front verandah or any other convenient space in or around your home.

The product is the ultimate solution to the complete eradication of poverty permanently. So if this is something to which you can relate you are already ahead of the rest.

It is the only course in the world that teaches people how to rise above poverty, and struggling, and not having enough money, and the tension and frustration that comes with that and, and, and — for real —and have a life of prosperity and freedom.

Our standard service principle is Total satisfaction or total refund! All that we insist upon is that you have to complete the course.

It is a course that you cannot fail.

You can start with relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, anyone. If you can get permission to use the local church hall, school hall or community hall you’ll be off to a flying start.

There are no restrictions at all, no matter your age, colour, gender, nationality or where you are on this planet or beyond, if you have a burning desire to lift yourself and others above the struggle line and into the RICH line, read on.

We’ll train you (as you go), and you’ll train the others.



Among the main benefits to you are the following.

  1. By teaching others you will achieve your own personal prosperity so much faster;
  2. This is the fastest way for your to achieve success for yourself.
  3. You will be training others to do what you are doing and they will achieve their goals so much faster because of you;
  4. You will be eliminating poverty by the only scientific way it can ever be done;
  5. By building yourself you help build your community and our beautiful country. And God knows we need more, many, many, very many more people who want to help themselves AND help others at the same time.

The programme comes with full live online training and guidance through WhatsApp, Email, Skype or Live Chat on our website… FREE! It is like having a personal success coach all the time.

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The product is our dynamic course “Total Power” Poverty to Prosperity. 9 no-nonsense modules without the fluff or padding. Just the main course; you can go and do the hors d’oeuvre, the sweets, coffee and liqueur by yourself. It is science made simple and it works.

It is the only course in the world which teaches you by the surest, scientific way to kick poverty out of your life for good. It is no short-cut, it is a ‘for-sure’ cut. The average time to complete the course the first time is 9 weeks. You will want to repeat it many times.

Please Note: The course takes 9 weeks from start to finish. We are NOT saying or even suggesting that you will eradicate poverty completely and establish a life or prosperity within that time.

The course works because it is based on age-old principles that man discovered and used to become rich in the days of Abraham, Isaac, Solomon and others. It is producing amazing results for others even as you are reading this now.

The fact that you are reading this now is our surest evidence that the course works.

A few snippets from the course are…

1. Poverty is wrong; in fact it is sinful… poverty is ignorance and you CAN beat it;

2. Man suffers in life because of ignorance, he does not know how to rise above poverty — so he accepts it. in some cases he takes to drink.

3. The only way you rise above poverty is by becoming prosperous, rich and free. You have to be free spiritually, mentally, physically AND financially. That is what the course teaches in absolute detail; you cannot be free if you’re broke!

4. You will learn the spiritual and scientific fact that… it is your DUTY to become rich and that you cannot fail in life because there is no such thing as failure.

Anyone who tells you that you can fail is delaying your progress and success. RUN… to get away from them. They are trying to pass on their ignorance to you.

5. Poverty to Prosperity is a step-by-step learning process of 9 powerful and dynamic modules (one per week);

 It consists of BOTH theory AND practice (action steps to be taken) and comes with complete online guidance and support for 12 months.

This service which costs R3,600:00 p.a. is FREE on our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER.

  • You will learn and understand that it is God’s Will for you to succeed and you will learn and you will know what to do to get there.
  • It is your duty to be rich. Rich is Right! You will prove it to yourself.

 It is healthy to be wealthy! You will learn the how, the why and what you have to do.

You will find the full details on the course “Total Power” Poverty to Prosperity here. 

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  1. First, you have to invest in your own course* — you cannot teach or market what you do not know. You have to have your own course to become a product of the product. All you have to do is read through Module 1 and make sure you understand it. You are now ready to start. That is all the advance preparation you need.

*When you reach 72 PAID-UP sales, people that you have trained, your initial investment is refunded in full.

1. Normal price is R12,600:00.

2. There is a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER at the moment (till end December 2019) of 50% discount, reducing the price to R6,300:00.

3. Then there is a further discount of R1,800:00 you can enjoy… on condition…

The condition that comes with our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER, for a further discount of R1,800:00, is that you have to teach the course to 3 other people — (family, relatives, friends, neighbours  colleagues or others, we call them ‘Gifts’ — FOR FREE.

Repeat: For a further discount of R1,800.00 you have to train ANY THREE people in this course FOR FREE! We need to have their full names, ID’s and Mobile numbers and we will send them the very same course that you are paying for ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!!

In addition, they will receive the complete course, with the same treatment and benefits that you do. Please trust us on this, you are re-arranging the Universe in your favour. (If you are religious you could see it as helping God do His work). 

It is your best guarantee of success. This is a ‘Nature Law’. With kindness, Love and sharing you are pushing Creation. Push it!

PLEASE NOTE: Doing this is not compulsory. If you would rather not train and help 3 others for FREE, you may pay the discount price of R6,300:00. 

1. You will receive detailed instructions, training and guidance every step of the way;

2. You need the patience, the insights and the natural caring of a teacher, a community spirit and a benevolent heart.

3. Your Gifts — the 3 you share the course with for FREE — are your gift to Creation, your investment in your future and they become your best advertising /marketing agents you could ever have. Through them, by word of mouth you will start generating and drawing paying clients for you.

Repeat: Detailed instructions are provided in your training notes.

 A Gift is a freebie; a Sale is someone who pays to the company the same price you did and is direct income for you. The commission structure can be found below.

There are many benefits in this for you. Here are but some of those:-

a. The teacher always understands the lesson more than the students.

b. Because you will be repeating the lesson as you teach it to others, your own growth and success are sped up tremendously.

c. You are doing the greatest work man could ever do in this lifetime; you are giving of yourself in helping alleviate the struggle of another person.

d. Creation tends to favour those who do this and your good fortune is guaranteed.

e. It is a home-based operation which will enable people by the millions to break out of the steel binds of poverty.

f. It is structured so that anyone who can read and wants to rise from poverty to prosperity can do it.

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HBB PAYMENT RATE                                       JUNE – TILL END DECEMBER 2019

  • Cost of the course on our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PROMOTION IS R4,500.00 till end Dec. 2019.
  • Our standard rate per paid-up sale is 20% = R900.00 only for HBB;
  • The target to strive for in any HomeBrewBus is to conduct at 3 classes simultaneously, for example Monday, Wednesday & Friday (or Saturday. Doing more is your choice.
  • If you are providing tea and cookies / biscuits, charge a minimum of R10.00 per person and tell them this upfront. (You could include a homemade lunch for a fee and earn even more off that if you want).


CLASS 1  5 x sales  @  900.00 ea =  4,500.00
+Co. Payment  2,700.00  =7,200.00 7,200.00
+ CLASS 2 5 x sales @  900.00 ea =  4,500.00
+Co. Payment 1,800.00    =  6,300.00  13,500.00
+ CLASS 3 5 x sales @  900.00 ea =  4,500.00
+Co. Payment 2,250.00  =  6,750.00  20,250.00

This is a picture of what you would earn for running 3 courses of 5 students each simultaneously. The total company’s payment / contribution in this example above is a total of R6,750.00. Please be aware that the figures above are not per month as the course runs over 9 weeks.

Price of course and commissions are due to increase from 20/01/01.

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
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1. No cash is handled at any stage.

2. After a probationary period of 3 months a basic salary of R1,800.00 p.m. gets paid for each month that the HBB meets a target of 5 sales (minimum) per month. Our standard rates’ structure is above average.

3. All payments are based on sales fully paid by the end of the company’s sales month.

4. Part payment or deposits do not count.

5. All money due gets paid by EFT within 2 days (or sooner) of close of Co.’s sales month.

6. No deductions are made and no advances given under any circumstances.

7. It is your duty to notify SARS of your earning status as a Freelance Agent.

8. Please ensure that we have your relevant bank account.

9. Money will only be transferred into one account.

for running this Home-Brew-Busin

1. Please be VERY careful as to whom you allow into your home;

2. The safety of you, your loved ones and your home are of paramount importance to us;

3. This plan is good; your intentions and ours are clean. However, reality is that we live in strange times and crime is prevalent in all areas of society these days (2018). Without becoming paranoid, we urge you to please take care and take all the precautions you feel are necessary.

4. Deal only with people you know and/or feel you can trust.

5. Listen to your ‘Inner Voice’ at all times. It is never wrong. When in doubt, don’t! The deer in the veld does not stop to check if the lion has had lunch or not. It takes action. Do the same. Err on the side of caution.

6. It is unfortunate that we have to mention this but the reality is that no place is sacrosanct —even ancient heritage sites of thousands of years, churches and graves get vandalized, ruined and desecrated these days.

7.Your safety and welfare are our main concern. If you would like to do this but do not feel comfortable doing it from home, rather do so from a local school classroom, church hall, community hall or some other convenient venue. (Another way of generating a constant monthly income is through our referral system. Write us at: to find out more).

8. Please understand that we cannot and do not accept responsibility or liability for your safety, that of your loved ones, your home or possessions under any circumstances. It is beyond our control.

9. This plan was hatched out of the want to help and through Universal Love. Be guided by Love at all times.



Your prosperity is our main concern… always! If there is anything of which you are not clear, anything at all, please get in touch with us immediately. That is what we are there for.

We want you to succeed.

Your very own
Support Team.
Love is the way we walk in gratitude.

This is a Heart ‘n Soul Business Operation.
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To contact us click here!
Or reach us now on Live Chat... bottom of this page R/H/S (Office hrs)


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