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To light The Light!

EC Training Network is a total

Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training  

EC Training Network- ECTN and Academy for Creative Empowerment – ACE are  Heart and Soul Business Operations.

Everything we do is…

1. Driven by the heart

2. Inspired by the soul and

3. Guided by Universal Love.

It means that our first purpose for being in business is to operate in complete compliance with the Universal Purpose and Thrust.

Another way of saying the same thing is that we are here for the betterment and upliftment of mankind.

We do this by being as much of a positive force in Creation as possible to aid, assist and help advance life as a whole in everything we do.

       Walk into the Light

To this end we are totally committed to conduct all our business operations in compliance with the following principles:-

1. Be driven by the heart and inspired by the soul through Universal Love; 

2. Be a positive, constructive force to   aid, assist and advance mankind —   to help all and hurt none;

3.Teach, train and operate only from a base of Truth and Reality – we run our own courses in life skills based on Metaphysics and Mysticism made simple for the ordinary man-in-the-street to understand and implement for the upliftment of his life;

4. Give only our best in holistic life skills training and services at all times;

5. Meet and exceed the normal standards and expectations of CRM – Customer Relationship Management;

6. Treat each customer with absolute professionalism, respect and humility;

7. To always give each customer more than 10 times the use value than the money they pay us, even at times giving away more product FREE — where people are not able to pay for them  — than what we sell for profit. 

8. Honour our standard Service Commitment of Total satisfaction or total refund to the letter;

9. To always leave nothing but a positive and constructive footprint.

Should we fail to comply with ANY one of these criteria
you may have the service concerned free.

Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training    Home of “Total Power” Training  


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