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With confidence you win, without it you lose.

It is 2018 and many a job-seeker is at a distinct disadvantage because of not knowing how to present and market themselves successfully as an employable product. There is a way of doing it right first time and finding employment fast.

Newcomers to the job market especially need self-marketing and presentations skills. 

You don't just want a course… You want a course which is supported by one-on-one PERSONAL advice and guidance!

Lacking in this area is one of the reasons why so many capable people — the young and the not-so-young — are rejected outright at the door. It is a major contributing factor to the massive unemployment in the country.

There is a very real need for applicants to know what to say and how to say it correctly. For many, very many out there, this is a major problem. 

Confidence cannot be faked.

A potential employer will see through any pretense soon enough. Companies want to hire the best they can find. Amongst other things they look for a positive mental attitude, self-confidence and a winning attitude and having these qualities is what gives you the confidence you need.

You want the assurance that when you run into a problem, there is someone you can talk to directly!

But the average job-seeker very often projects precisely the opposite. Through confidence of talking to people they know and feel comfortable with, they believe they can 'wing it' when talking to a strange manager or the owner of a business.

The sad truth is that without the proper training and guidance, many a golden opportunity gets blown away. Bear in mind you only get one chance to make a (good) first impression; and once that first chance is blown it is blown for good.

EFE teaches the most important requirement to ensure that you get hired at your next interview. Instead of settling for "Thank you. We'll contact you' you need to know what to say at that moment to get you the chance to prove yourself. 

But most job-seekers do not know what to say and simply mumble 'thank you' and walk out and with that, they miss a golden opportunity. 

EFE gives you the confidence and ability needed to market yourself successfully. 

Everyday many people are finding employment… why not you?

Everyday many people move their lives from worry to success with a job…why not you?

Everyday there are people just like you finding work, finding success … why not you?

You want to be able to get answers from people who care about YOU and YOUR situation!

We provide a complete one-stop service which includes everything you need to find employment quickly.


  • Empowerment for Employment – the complete short course;
  • A Certificate of Competence for successfully completing the course;
  • A Company Reference Letter with our backing for successfully completing the course;
  • Ready access to our P.A.L. Service (Permanent Assist Line) for ongoing support, advice and one-on-one guidance should you need it;
  • A Scientific Personality Profile which is 99:9% accurate;
  • A Power CV is an Optional Extra  + R90:00 (instead of R270:00).

With a Scientific Personality Profile AND your newfound confidence, marketing and presentation skills, employment is virtually guaranteed.

This basic programme provides the complete answer to personal presentation as it empowers you in ways no other programme does. It can honestly be stated that the one who has done EFE stands head and shoulders above any other job-seeker. Develop the real confidence, walk and talk successfully and you will find employment.

Quick question: what do you have to do to get promoted quickly?
That, is one of the many things you learn on EFE. 
EFE is available online.


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Because we are South African we CAN!


THE POSITIVE SOUTH AFRICAN – The total solution"YOU ARE NEEDED Our beautiful South Africa is in dire straits at the moment, but we can get ourselves out of this mess as we’ve done before.  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. The time for the right, combined, positive action is now. The time for a solution that works is now! The time to prove what we are made of is now. Join us as we lift ourselves out of the rut of negativity created by those in power at the moment. For both individual and collective success – combating the mindless poverty and massive unemployment – get on board with so many others and help yourself to a better life as you help us all build the South Africa we want. You Are Invited! Please read The Positive South African. Click here for The Positive South African"
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We happily and wholeheartedly support
Screw Business As Usual"

(Concept originated by Sir Richard Branson)

We do not want… we will not do… 'business as usual.'

Our purpose for being here is much bigger than just profit for the company and those who drive it. It is to positively affect and impact the spirits, hearts and minds of as many people as we can through our dynamic holistic life skills training — Full Person Training — of the highest quality, based on Truth and Reality.
Through this, and by the example we set, we will bring lasting relief from suffering and poverty to the masses, to be replaced by real prosperity and fulfillment .
There is no other real solution.

The ECTN Support Team