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Live Life Above The Line

The Solution you seek is seeking you.

by EC Training Network
 To bring Light!                                                         

Everybody knows that life consists of challenges, also called problems.

What many people may not know, is that the solution to every challenge, whether it is financial, physical, emotional, lack of employment or whatever, is seeking the seeker at the same time. And then it gets better… man cannot fail… you cannot fail in life. 


Yes! Everything happens through the power of magnetism. There is a way by which you can bring the problem and the solution together faster, much faster. We’ll get deeper into the vitally important topic of magnetism and how to use it to our benefit in future blogs.

It is a fascinating and valuable, life-enhancing strategy to know and it is not rocket science. We are actually sitting on a goldmine all the time and we do not know how to mine the gold. This is about ‘mining that gold.’

For now, there is an Energy, a ‘Something’ which drives man, and it is drawing him and the solution to his problems closer together all the time. When they join, magic happens. Again no, not rocket science: simple science.

Day in and day out you bust yourself with problems and issues, yet you don’t have to. One of the problems with that is that you do not realize you are superior to the problem. Most times a man is his own worst enemy fighting spooks and shadows he could so easily rise above. 

All that is needed is for him to realize that fact, and work to ‘connect’ with that ‘Something’ in him. Once he does make that ‘connection,’ he will realize that he is not a failure… he cannot fail in life. He will realize that he can win every battle, every challenge in life.

I beg your pardon? Is this a joke?


Let’s stir this one up a bit… there is no such thing as failure²... even though many a man mistakenly believes there is. Perhaps you believed that too…? Did you?


Obviously. But you want the explanation to that, not so? You’ll get it. 

But before we go there (and don’t worry, we will take that one apart, along with some of the other truly mind-boggling, jackass nonsense we were fed as kids) what does a life look like to you when you know you cannot fail?

Whoo boy! When the full impact of that hits home, it’s almost scary. We will look into it thoroughly as we go. Promise!  

But let’s get back on track. Just stop for a moment and imagine… no such thing as failure³? Picked up from the other end, that is saying that there is only success in life? 

Whaaat? Can such a thing be true?


Huh? Reeeaaaly?

Yup! … truuue! Reeeaaaly!

Absolutely… swear on a ton of bricks… truuue!! No joke, no gimmick. And we have not been smoking our socks. It is Truth.

Here it is again for the fourth time: there is no such thing as failure! Never was, never will be. No smart talk or play on words, no twist in the tail. It says what it says.

But, that is only half of the full statement. The other half, the really exciting, good news part is that you can only succeed in life. No, not rocket science. You don’t need a Ph. D. in anything to understand, apply and get the full magical benefit from it. 

Stay close. Use what will be coming at you weekly from here on out, and watch your confidence and ability to succeed in life grow in leaps and bounds.

You CAN succeed; you WILL succeed, no matter what your challenge is.

To add to that, you’ll have your very own support team which has your interests sincerely at heart, for when things get tough or motivation gets a bit slack and can keep you on track.

But WINNING IS INEVITABLE! Just do not give up. No matter who or where you are: no matter what your situation may be. Stay with us — we’ll stay with you! That’s what we do; that’s who we are.

You deserve to experience the wonder of winning. Oh… and feel free to ask questions… as many as you want and on anything you receive from us. You will receive an answer. There are a whole bunch of ways to get real, live customized one-on-one advice and guidance at any time.

Join us on this wonderful journey — no matter how successful you are at the moment, there is always more ‘Success’ in you — and we will be there right along with you, every step of the way if you do. 

Now, let’s get to it!


HELLO AND WELCOME to our first weekly blog, Live Life Above The Line – The success you seek is seeking you.

This was supposed to be out on the first of January, but… Okay- okay, no excuses.

It is written by me, Errol Clarke, and I am all fired-up about simplifying Metaphysics for everyday, ordinary people to use in life. It holds the answers to ALL… yes ALL of life’s challenges.  

The purpose behind this whole, massive project, and our urgent agenda, is the desperate need for answers.

Man suffers and struggles unnecessarily in life. Almost eighty percent of the people in our so-called modern, technically advanced world still lives in abject poverty and misery, simply because they do not  have answers.

And where there are no answers there is ignorance. And where there is ignorance you have poverty and you have suffering and that is hard, cold fact. 

Simplified Metaphysics is the answer.
Specific and practical, easy-to-understand training, correctly presented and delivered is the methodology.

To some, the very word Metaphysics sounds like some high- fallutin’, airy-fairy, heavily complicated stuff. While it is no more than basic common sense. It holds the answer to it all; every itsy-bitsy issue in man’s life. This we will prove in future blogs and as this whole, huge project is rolled-out.

But the truth is that I am simply the one who tapped the keys on the keyboard. It came through me, not from me. All credit belongs to the fantastic team, the real ‘G-man Inspiration’ driving this project. More about that later on.

That is why it is coming at you under the banner of the ECTN (EC Training Network) Support Team. It’s about living life positively and successfully, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. 

It is  your duty to be rich! 

It is your duty to become successful and rich in this lifetime. This weekly blog is about nurturing the what, the how and the why obeying that call is really what ‘doing God’s Will’ is all about.

It is for ordinary, everyday people, the religionists and non-religionists, the agnostics and atheists and everyone else in-between.

Everybody wants success of some kind: that is the ‘what.’ And there are a ga-zillion self-help books that tell you what to do. But most of them hardly go near the ‘how’ you have to do it.

Oh yes, they’ll tell you to set goals, save money, believe in yourself and all those good things. How many of them really walk you through the ‘how’ step-by-step? How many give you one-on-one advice and guidance, confidentially, wherever — repeat — WHEREVER you are… for FREE? 

We do. And then the ‘how’ is not the most important factor in this.

Until man understands and lives by the ‘why’ — and there is only one ‘why’ — he has to be wealthy, why it is his duty to become successful and rich in this lifetime, he is still confused.

And a confused man is unfulfilled and a real danger unto himself. We will show you how to find your individual and unique ‘why’, then stay with you to make sure you understand it.

The entire process of success-building, from the inside out is dealt with through various processes, steps and strategies. Strategies that work… without the padding and fluff you find in so many of those self-help books.

In our next blog in a few days’ time, we will share with you the details of the statement ‘There is no such Thing as Failure.’ More than that, what you really want to know is how you can use this knowledge to your benefit to-day, not so? 

For now — and it cannot be covered in one short article like this — failure is a nonsense concept man has accepted as a reality of life, while all the while it is not. There is no reality or truth in failure.

As stated earlier, as kids many of us were fed a major diet of some serious, jackass drivel by well-meaning adults of the day, which we, and so many generations across society simply accepted as gospel. If only it were so.

In many a case, they, those ‘adults’ meant well but had not done their homework. So, there were times they gave us drivel as fact. Failure is but one issue of many which is a life-wrecking lie. Drivel is a nice word for it; there are stronger, more descriptive words. Let’s leave it there for now.

An important point is the fact that there is nothing we can give you that you do not already have in you. All we can do is help you realize what is already there and prod you to bring it out.

You got here — we all got here — fully equipped … with all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of, and then some. Now if that is the case, you ask, ‘why then am I still struggling in life?’

Because… many of us simply never took the time to check out the full package of what we came with. All we have to do is discover and learn to use the ‘basic features.’ The basic stuff, not even the optional extras.

As an example, we have this fantastic V-12 engine motor car that can go from naught to a zillion miles-per-hour in under a second. Yet all that most of us do is start the darned thing and leave it idling in the garage. 

How bright is that, huh?

Can you imagine how much more of life we will have to enjoy once we learn to drive this wonderful vehicle called life? 

This is an open invitation to you to get on board your own rocket of achievement, success and total fulfillment. The rocket is in you, all we can do is to keep adding the fuel for it to fly.

It’s like having your very own personal Genie or magic wand. But here’s the deal, so that we don’t bug you: to receive the real explanation of There is no such thing as failure and a truckload of raw, undiluted, premium inspiration weekly to keep you firing on all pistons and your ship pointed in the rirght direction – your direction –  please sign-up for our weekly post and get a whole bunch of FREE stuff into the bargain. 

Here it is! Sign-up for our weekly blog here and get our dynamic 5-module programme, Don’t You Dare Dilute Your Dreams” worth R1,350:00  for FREE! (It will change the way you see a lot of things in ife and it will re-energize you, re-fuel you to reach your goals);


Our P.A.L. Service (Permanent Assist Line) for ongoing support, advice and guidance for 12 months worth R720:00 for FREE!

Together they are valued at more than R2,000:00. 

Of course you can quit at any time. Simply tell us so.

Thanks for being here.

Take gentle care,

The ECTN Support Team.
Love is the way we walk in gratitude.




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