If you are reading this it means that you’ve decided to check out the opportunity of joining EC Training Network and for that, I thank you.

If I was where you are now I would want this to be an opportunity where I could learn and earn and grow to my fullest extent.

So the very least I should do is make the same kind of opportunity available for you. That is exactly what you will find.

(For those who do not like to read and simply want to go directly to the application form you can do so here.)

As an Agent I would want to be in a company where I am appreciated and respected and where my welfare and my opinion count. That is exactly what you will find.

I want to be able to grow, unfold and develop to my fullest potential so that I can have a sound and secure future, the kind of future where, if I prove myself worthy of it, I want to be promoted to the highest level possible — senior management, at least.

That is exactly what you will find. I want to be financially secure, earn an above-average income, have job-fulfillment and a chance to reach my highest personal goals.

That is exactly what you will find — and you forgot to add all the company benefits that come with the position of being in senior management, and being part of a crazy, wild and exciting tribe of totally mad people who want you as family, not a colleague.

Because… my friend… that is what I would want and again…that is what you will find.

I would want to be happy, fulfilled and have personal satisfaction while continuing to give of my best to build myself and the company and that…. IS what you will find.

Oh… did I perhaps forget to mention that a share in the company is also part of the deal for senior management?

And did I remember to tell you that we are not normal? Normal is never going to make you rich; and if you do not have it in mind to become financially rich and free while helping others do the same… then why are we even talking?


Errol Clarke
2-IC & Executive Officer
EC Training Network – ECTN and
Academy of Creative EmpowermentACE
To light The Light.

For those who do not like to read and simply want to go directly to the application form you can do so here.


This is a basic explanation of our product Scientific Career Guidance and it is simply an overview of the salient points regarding the product and how an agent can earn an above-average income.


It is a computerized scientific assessment, using the Discus Assessment vehicle, of the candidate’s personality. From that, a series of careers for which he / she is best suited is extrapolated. This will give a detailed range of different careers, starting with the most suitable and, in decreasing percentages of suitability, will go all the way down to those for which the candidate is definitely not suitable.

The authenticity and accuracy of Discus has been verified by the SAMDC as being 99.9% reliable and accurate. It will be totally clarified when the physical sample is seen.


    • Every student in high school from Grade 9 upwards is a prospect for this product. In South Africa students are required to make an intelligent decision on their future / career at that stage.
    • Every student in private schools, F.E.T. Colleges, in Agricultural Colleges, Technical Colleges, those studying tourism, nursing, a trade, the hospitality industry, game ranging or any other profession in the hundreds of private training colleges everywhere.
    • IT Colleges are filled to overflowing with students who do not have the slightest interest in IT but are involved in it because they believe that this is where the money lies.
    • Every job seeker stands a much better chance of being seriously considered for employment when they can produce an authentic Personality Profile with their CV, references and certificates.
    • As an optional extra we also provide a Power CV which makes a candidate stand out from the crowd like no other and increases the chances of being hired immensely.

Even adults very often need to know what they are best suited for in life as many of them do not know. For the thinking agent, there are prospects everywhere.


The Agent is THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON in this company. As a freelance agent he / she is made part of the permanent staff when an official Letter of Appointment issued to that effect.

As shown in the structure below, there is a conditional basic salary and an above-average commission. The more positive results produced, the higher the personal income becomes. We love paying.

An Agent works out in the field on their own with the company’s full support at all times and carries all their own expences which is why we pay an above average commission.

The job activity involves PROSPECTING — finding those who qualify for our product.

Once a prospect has been identified and interest established, a short POWER PRESENTATION is done on the spot and a sale is CLOSED by having the candidate complete the simple questionnaire and paying either the full cash amount or part payment.

No money is ever handled by the Agent (for security reasons). The company’s banking info is given to the prospect who does an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) into our bank account.



Full professional sales training is provided FREE online (WhatsApp / Email / Skype and / or face-to-face). Training is also ongoing and will be extended into other products for Agents who show the potential and capability.



An Agent earns an above-average income by putting in an above-average effort.

Retail Price                                          –               –                               R1,440.00

Special Promotional Discount          –               –               50%            R720.00

Further Referral Discount for 3 names & details         –                       R180.00

Current PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT Price              –                        R540.00


Payment plan      2 x R280.00 – R20.00 extra               –               R280.00

Product is handed over on full balance paid                                R280.00

Product is created when initial payment reflects in our bank account (usually immediately).

Product is handed over AFTER the balance is in our account. This is the Agent’s responsibility.


This is documented in detail on the next page

+R16,000:00 pm Full-time or Part-time

Marketing a Much-Needed Service to Businesses

If Direct Marketing is your forté… if you are comfortable interacting and negotiating with companies, senior management and business owners … if being able to be free and earn what you want to earn turns you on, then … check… this… out.

At our minimum requirement of 3 (three) sales per week!  (It takes +/- 45 mins. / sale)
You will earn waaay over R16,000:00 in a month.

This is for anyone who can sell professionally and it is better suited,
but not exclusive to the more mature person. (Chancers will not make it.)

Self-confidence to negotiate with management
and business owners is crucial.

You will operate independently and professionally anywhere in the country or beyond by selling our much-needed service to companies big and small, commercial, industrial — restaurants, organizations, businesses old and new, supermarkets, private colleges, up-market spaza shops, home-based businesses, co-operatives, crèches and clubs —
any business anywhere.

It is absolutely THE most powerful and cheapest form of advertising to-day!
The industrial park or business hub closest to you is your goldmine. Go dig!

Complete online training and support are provided.

Climb the ladder of statistics to success

Sales ability, a laptop or tablet, open contact onto the internet with a high work ethic and self-discipline are what you need. No reporting to an office daily.

Remuneration is:-  Comm. + *basic + bonus (for exceeding the minimum quota).

No advance investment is required. As an independent sales agent you may live and work, anywhere in the country or beyond… wherever there are businesses and they are everywhere. Travel and earn as you go. Think big! Think teams and other provinces.

From Soweto to Simonstown, Beit Bridge to Blouberg Strand, from Polokwane to Poffadder, Rustenburg to Richard’s Bay, from Daggafontein to Durbs-by-the-sea … wherever there are businesses … new start-ups, small or gi-normous conglomerates, this product is needed.  
Knowing CRM gives you a major benefit. Full training and support provided online.

This post is open to only 9 (nine) agents at this stage, anywhere in the country or beyond.
Send your detailed CV to: to-day.
Start on your way to earning R16K pm to-morrow.

*T’s & C’s apply           

Students are paying              their own way!

HOW DOES EARNING R16,000:00 p.m.

Students currently studying are doing it

9 out of 10 students need Scientific Career Guidance to be sure of their future YOU can take to them and earn an excellent income doing so.
We Are Recruiting a team of Direct Sales Superstars
Who MUST earn at least R16,000:00 p.m.
We make sure of that.
This is an online operation.

You can be in Soweto and make sales in Simonstown

  • You can be anywhere in the country or beyond our borders
  • Work wherever you are or anywhere you choose
  • Professional sales training provided online
  • Commission plus basic + bonus (T’s & C’s)
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Get your own sample (Read how below) – start earning immediately
  • Small refundable investment required
  • Ex (or current) principals & teachers have a slight advantage
  • Work the simple step-by-step formula we provide
  • Start NOW and earn your first 12K in a month

Send your detailed CV to: NOW!

 An above-average income can be made by anyone who is willing to work


Website:   Email:
OR CALL US NOW – Mobile & WhatsApp: 079 477 7656 

  EC Training Network
To bring Light

We Are Recruiting
A Team of Sales Superstars
Where each MUST earn
at least R16,000:00 p.m. 

                  Follow our simple training formula                  and you must win.


In aid of total transparency, please be aware upfront that it is advisable for you to have your own sample of the product.

For this, and to understand the system (of how you receive the product to deliver to your customer) you are required to go through the entire routine as though you were a customer.

You do not pay the normal price of R1,440:00, or even the SPECIAL DISCOUNT price of R720:00

The cost involved has been greatly reduced to a SPECIAL AGENT’S PRICE OF R270:00 which includes the courier service.  

At your 3rd sale the full amount is refunded by EFT. So you get your sample FREE. It IS the fairest way for all concerned.

This is an internet operation.

  • YOU CAN BE anywhere in the country
  • WORK WHEREVER you choose
  • SALES TRAINING provided
  • FULL-TIME or part-time
  • HOUSEWIVES / MOTHERS do it half-days
  • Commission plus basic + bonus
  • Start training immediately 
  • Ex (or current) principals & teachers would be in with a head start             

Direct Marketing Sales experience would be an advantage but not a must. If you do not know sales, come prepared to learn.


You can work wherever you are, or in any town you choose.

Live one-on-one training and support is provided wherever you are.

You must have free access to email and/or WhatsApp and/or Skype or any other free chat line. 

There is no distance on internet, and we are as close as your nearest laptop, tablet or Smartphone. Further details will be provided to successful applicants

The FIRST product to be marketed is…

SCIENTIFIC CAREER GUIDANCE FOR STUDENTS – A MUST-HAVE for every student from Grade 9 upwards, at every government high school, private high school, every FET College and University… how many students are out there?

Safe-guard and protect the investment
in the student’s education and future.
Get WRITTEN, scientific proof of what he/she is best suited for based on an accurate assessment of their personality.

       R16,000:00 IN A MONTH?

AND… there is a simple, set formula which,
IF FOLLOWED… can earn you of R16,000:00+ (sixteen thousand rand and more) in a month.

Others who followed the formula have done it.

You’ll find the Contact Form here

thinking like a mental cripple and see yourself as the Limitless Power that you are!

  Soon we will include….

EMPOWERMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT ONLINE – a short course to train every unemployed person how to present and market themselves successfully to find employment quickly… how many job-seekers are out there?

Male or female (they really do outsell the guys), young, old, fat, slim, South African national or foreigner, with or without sales experience, it does not matter. Your attitude counts, how hungry you are for success counts, results count, not effort. 

It is not the number of times you shoot for goal, 
but the number of goals scored.

Not age, gender, nationality or where you live matters as our products are needed everywhere. Full-time, Part-time or First time job-seekers are welcome to apply. 

There are no boundaries in life,
besides what you impose on yourself.

We are expanding nationwide.

Ex-teachers, principals or education department officials would be perfectly suited although this is not cast in stone.

This opportunity is open to everyone for a limited period.                                                                This is an internet operation.   

You’ll find the Contact Form here


Just make sure you are hooked-up on an open internet system such as WhatsApp and/or Skype and/or Email or any other free internet communication system. WhatsApp is the best.

Remuneration is based of commission plus a basic salary plus a healthy company bonus —  performance-driven.

Prospects for promotion to a more senior position with added responsibilities, a set higher income package and company benefits are high on our agenda. 

Our life skills training products are the best on the market in their field. 

Applicants are invited to sign-up on our Contact Form here and e-mail a short, power motivational letter with a detailed CV to:

Every application is acknowledged within 24 hours. As soon as we have 18 stars who want to become Superstars, this door will close.                    


There is no such thing as failure in life!
We teach it… we preach it… we prove it.


  You’ll find the Contact Form here

 You can reach us here

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