Academy of Creative Empowerment

To bring Light!

This is ACE – Welcome!

Mission – To bring Light… and thereby reduce poverty and suffering in mankind.
Vision –   Millions more living in Light.

The Academy of Creative Empowerment  – ACE – is the holistic development mother company of which ECTN, the commercial training arm. The foundation of our training is metaphysics simplified for implementation by the ordinary man in the street; presented so that every student at any level can understand and implement to get the life of success they want.  

Our singular purpose is to be as effective as possible in the alleviation of poverty and suffering by bringing Light… enlightenment… to bear on the ignorance, which is the main cause of these diseases in the masses. 

This will be done through the teaching of carefully structured programmes to empower and inspire one and all. Through the wisdom of Full Person Training, and with the enlightenment of practical metaphysics, implement a specific strategy so that real freedom and relief can be brought to the people in meaningful numbers within a reasonable time.

Our Strategy

To train 9 (nine) trainers to professional level, to train 9 (nine) more trainers to train 9 (nine) trainers. That creates our veritable ‘army’ of trainers who will work to a specific programme and work ethic to ensure that these are not simply fanciful words or promise.

You’ve probably read James Allen’s saying… ‘Each one reach one, each one teach one till all are taught.’ We relate. As long as one man suffers, no man is free. No, you are not your brother’s keeper. It’s more than that: you and your brother are One.

When we come to truly understand what those words mean we will stop hurting each other. Then we will mean it when we sing…

“I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you,
And I say to myself… what a wonderful world.”
Louis Armstrong

Walk into Light
“Total Power” Inspiration

Our flagship training programme is Total Power” Inspiration, phases II and III, which takes a student into the deeper aspects of the what, the why and the how of inner personal growth, development and achievement. 

Science of Mind (soon available online, whever you may be)

Courses in Science of Mind, based on the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes are available, and for the one who really wants it all, and wants to get the most out of life, this is a must-do.

Break out of the chains that bind your mind

“Man’s mind should swing from inspiration to action,
from contemplation to accomplishment,
from prayer to performance.”
This would be a well-balanced existence.

Ernest Holmes – Father of Science of Mind.

Socrates stated, The unexamined mind is not worth living. It is not!

Most people stumble through life, not having a clue as to the real purpose for it. Most people spend all their lives beating themselves up to win the rat race, little knowing that even if you win the race you are still a rat. Most people do not live, they merely exist.

If you are reading this, don’t you be one of those. PLEASE!

Parts of our Science of Mind course includes the teachings of A Course in Miracles by the Foundation for Inner Peace. 

Jesus taught us that Heaven is not an after-death place, but a here and now reality. And as no man before nor after him has been able to refute that statement, why don’t we make that #1 on our bucket list huh?

Get in touch! Please get in touch as there is sooo much we can do together which would be more difficult on our own.

You do so Here

“Don’t You Dare Dilute Your Dreams” is a dynamic 5-module programme valued at R1,350:00 that will encourage you to take the steps you’ve been putting off for ages to live the life of success and fulfillment you want and deserve. Get it FREE by simply signing-up for our weekly powerhouse inspirational blog, Live Life Above The Line.
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YOU ARE NEEDED Our beautiful South Africa is in dire straits at the moment, but we can get ourselves out of this mess as we’ve done before.  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. The time for the right, combined, positive action is now. The time for a solution that works is now! The time to prove what we are made of is now. Join us as we lift ourselves out of the rut of negativity created by those in power at the moment. For both individual and collective success – combating the mindless poverty and massive unemployment – get on board with so many others and help yourself to a better life as you help us all build the South Africa we want. You Are Invited! Please read The Positive South African.
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