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The core of our business is customer satisfaction. We live to serve.

Every course, every workshop or service we are privileged to deliver is based on one solitary principle, and that is exceeding our customer’s brief and expectations. 

Our governing principle is TCS… Total Customer Satisfaction.

We do what we do with absolute passion and a singular objective in mind, that is to make sure that in our field— holistic life skills training and coaching — we do the very best for YOU.

You will ALWAYS receive far more in use value than the money you pay. WE are here to serve… to give. And give…and give.

“Every living organism on this planet exists to be in service to something else. The sun gives light and heat.

The bees pollinate flowers and give us honey.

Some animals give their life so others can thrive.

Our purpose here, just like every other living thing in this wonderful world that we all coexist in, is simply to ‘give’ as much as we can.

Whether that be expertise for empowerment, jobs, time, care, opportunity, empathy, compassion, advice or forgiveness.

Our mission at EC Training Network is simply to serve… to give and help as much as we can.”                                                                                             

Then… we are here for business.


The essence of what we do —“Total Power” training… is training that covers the whole person, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. The Principle is “Total Power“… and when this is understood, internalized and applied, failure becomes impossible, or more accurately, success becomes inevitable. 

This is what we think, eat, sleep, breathe and drink. Remove any one of those four factors from training to-day, and you are not covering the whole person. Unless training covers every part of life which is important to the candidate, it is hard, if not impossible to have them embrace, internalize and implement the training.

                                            Cape Town, Gateway to South Africa

There is a magnetic factor within the candidate with which the training must connect. 

Real training has nothing to do with teaching a candidate new tricks and strategies. “Total Power” training is an ‘enticing-out’ — not a drawing out —  of that which is already there.

This is also the very foundation of what real empowerment is. All that man needs for life mastery is already inside of him. He was born with it.


Our “Total Power” principle is also the basis of what real Life Coaching is. It is making the candidate aware of who and what he really is, then nudging him with the right line of questioning to bring it out and use it. Yes we do it one-on-one, but it is far more powerful and beneficial when done in small groups.

That is where the dynamite explodes. 

Total Power” Inspiration is our original, the flagship of our range of training programmes, and is based on the principle of “Total Power.”

The girl can’t help it

When training is viewed from this angle  — can there be a different one? —a whole new perspective of understanding training starts to unfold.

In our company, everyone does what they do with total commitment and passion in the full realization that it is the candidate’s life and future that we are privileged to be touching.

That is an honour we do not take lightly. 

Many years have gone into the developing of our specific approach to business. We love what we do. We do it with passion and we do it right. You are never just another customer. You are an individual with individual wants and needs.

Our duty is not simply to meet those needs, but to exceed them.

We remember clearly what our mothers taught us … treat others the way you want to be treated.
Our mantra is that going to extra mile for you is the norm, not the exception.


With training activity spanning more than 25 successful years, we have been privileged to serve various corporate bodies such as BMW, MacDonald’s, SARS, CIPC, Johannesburg Metro Bus etc.

 Umhlanga Rocks, KZN

Our services have been repeatedly used by many local municipalities such as Gauteng, Ekurhuleni, Sedibeng, Tshwane and Mohale as   well as national government.

We have run numerous courses and workshops covering the widest possible field of staff problems and activity for the departments of Education, Health, Social Services, Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture, City Parks, Correctional Services, Safety and Security etc.

It has also been our deeply humbling honour to present our services such as our flagship course, “Total Power” Motivation — now “Total Power” Inspiration— as well as “Total Power” Public Speaking in various high security prisons for many years as our Corporate Social Investment.

As a result, countless incarcerated men and women have been rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society successfully, uplifted, empowered and set on the right road by being positively and permanently changed.


So whatever concern, comment or query you may have, please do not hesitate to let us have it. We want to know. We are never too busy or too big to give you the individual attention you deserve. Our customers are our family.

Without them, where would we be? So when we say we love you, we mean it… sincerely.


         ALL hands are needed. All hands are welcome!

As a company, we happily embrace the philosophy as championed by Sir Richard Branson, ‘Screw Business As Usual.’ We are not in business for business; we are here to make a positive difference in as many lives as we can. That is the real reason for our company being in existence. If you are not here to help mankind, your fellow-man, what are you here for anyway?e’ from the mess  

The purpose of our business is firstly, to uplift and upgrade our fellow man wherever we can through what we do, and secondly to sustain ourselves and generate a profit. If we do the first one correctly, the second happens automatically. We have the products, the passion and the expertise to do so.


We are on fire! Our chosen mascot is the Phoenix — the giant eagle from Greek Mythology — for good reason. We are in a ‘rising from the ashes’ mode, having tasted the bitter and necessary taste of defeat. The ‘message’ in the mess has been received; very loud and very clear. In complete humility we say, this is the resurgence.


We thank you for having taken the time to read about us.

(The Power in me honours the Power in you)

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  1. Our Blog Post – Live Life Above The Line                                         
  • A quick 3-minute, +/- 360-word read; practical, powerful, to-the-point, free of fluff;
  • No horse d’houevre — just the main course;
  • Practical information in a simple, easy-to-read format, to be used to improve life and day-to-day living;
  • Designed to increase the positive, decrease the negative;
    Keep climbing and victory becomes inevitable
  • Everyday matters of real life issues and how to fix what’s wrong;
  • Not religious, yet most mainstream religions will relate – for the atheist, the scientist and the agnostic;
  • Always and only positive, powerful and purposeful;
  • Information that can be used and applied to-day to walk you through, over and raise you above the problem; 
  • Always the problem and the solution covering the what, the why and the how
  • Man makes his own misery… quite often, inadvertently, because he does not know… he does not know that life runs solely on the Law of Cause and Effect;
  • This weekly blog is written to bring some degree of ‘light,’ relief, reward and upliftment into life.
  • The unexamined life is not worth living said Socrates. It is not. Unexamined, it becomes a life lost… often, screwed-up.
  • By examining your life, and getting to understand why you are where you are, then taking the necessary action to change that, you can get to where we want to be. There is no other way.
  • To provide real answers, total and in-depth solutions based on Truth… the what, the how and the why.
Let’s do this!

The P.A.L. Service (Permanent Assist Line): Sign-up with us, and you’ll have the FREE usage of our P.A.L. Service (valued at R720:00 p.a.) for further    discussion, advice, guidance on just about any life skills issue.

You accept and act upon the advice offered with the full realization and acceptance that you are fully and unconditionally responsible for the outcome at all times.       (E.O. & E) 

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Because you care, share! To advance yourself, help others advance first! It is a basic rule, you know that. Please pass this on to three… at least three other wonderful, caring people like yourself—paleeese!
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To be a positive, contributing factor in the assisting, empowering and upgrading of mankind wherever we can. If we do not use our considerable knowledge to do all we can to lessen and ultimate eradicate the world’s greatest scourge, poverty, we would be seriously amiss. 

In this we will function only through Truth, which is the only total solution.

                                            In-tune with Mother Nature

To bring Light. The Light (Light… as in understanding) is not given by the teacher, for each person was blessed with that Light at the instant of conception.  It simply needs to be discovered and unfolded. It comes through us, not from us.

The single cause of all mankind’s woes, especially poverty, is the darkness of ignorance. In Light, darkness disappears. 

  • At this stage in time (2018) we are a compact team of dedicated individuals who share a common goal of wanting to be a positive force in helping mankind by delivering the very best service in training there is on this planet;          
  • Everything we do is based on Truth;
  • Intellectual Property includes the most awesome life skills programmes on this planet;
  • We are open-minded about how this concept is taken to the masses as long as it is based on Truth;
  • Our expansion goals are gi-normous and our first goal is to train 9 professional trainers.
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Errol Clarke

  • A proudly positive South African, bookwise and streetwise, graduated at the University of Life with the scars as credentials and lessons learned.
  • Life Coach specializing in group coaching or one-on-one for young adults, new business development, management and executives.
  • Holder of the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellowship Award (for service excellence)
  • Professional Trainer of “Total Power” Training
  • Life-long student and practitioner of Science of Mind;
  • Ex Rotarian; a lifelong student of Metaphysics and Mysticism – currently enrolled at UOM in USA;
  • Passionate about helping to lessen the load of his fellow-man.
  • Executive Officer – 2IC of EC Training Network (ECTN) and Academy of Creative Empowerment (ACE),



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