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We happily embrace and support the concept of
“Screw business as usual… Profit is not our main reason for being here.”
Originated by Sir Richard Branson

Thank you for stopping by. To serve, is our reason for being.

This website is a work in progress. We are growing. 

Service excellence is the elusive goal we seek… constantly. You would not expect anything less.

Neither do we.
Training and producing positive results is our passion.
Enlightening, empowering and enriching of life beyond expectations are the natural by-products of what we do.


 Every thought, every word, very breath we breathe is driven by a simple principle, a singular purpose – TCSTOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
Everything else comes in further down the line.

We operate from a foundation of Truth and all our products are a perfect fit for both the staunch religionist as well as the non-religionist and everyone else in-between.  

There is a major misconception about training, whether that is for companies, teams or individuals — as much as 94% of it does NOT produce the results the training was originally intended for.

In spite of that…“Developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workforce continues to be a priority for organizations.” Bellevue University (Survey – 2016)

The average amount of money spent on staff training internationally, computes to R16,000:00 per person per year.

Did you get that? Companies spend on average SIXTEEN THOUSAND RAND PER-PERSON-PER- YEAR  on training that MAY NOT produce the results for which it was intended. 

Elsewhere, most top companies, also wanting to upgrade the performance of their staff, similarly spend huge amounts of money on training and that is a great idea…

In many cases those tasked with the decisions for such training, with respect, do not know what to look for and demand from the training.

They know the end result they want — they know what the outcome should be but…

BUT there are too many who do not know that, unless the training is based on and incorporates a specific and crucial principle, both the time and the money  invested will be wasted, while the desired results will not be realized.

Generally, it comes down to this: unless training — any training, ALL training — is based on the basic principle of “Total Power” Training (TPT) that training is NOT going to reach its mark. 

It may come with all the impressive bells and whistles; it may be delivered by the most charismatic and suave presenter, with the most eye-catching Power Point presentation, gizmo’s, gadgets and games, but unless it is based on the principle of FPT, results will at best be mediocre and short-lived, and it will be money down the drain.

The reason is not hard to understand. Training needs the main ingredient, it must be based on a specific Principle.

What basic Principle? What main ingredient?

“Total Power” Training – aka TPT. 

What is “Total Power” Training? It is in-depth training, that is psychologically, emotionally, scientifically and sensitively attuned and delivered to candidates who firstly…

  • Want to be trained, and secondly,
  • Are willing to implement the new information to upgrade their personal performance.

Emotionally, they want to be trained, because emotionally they appreciate how it will benefit them in life.

Without that wanting… without that desire for it, the training is lost.  Why is the emotional aspect so vital in training? Because man is a mental and an emotional being. As much as 94% of all man’s reaction and performance is driven by emotion.

“Total Power” Training is training of candidates who want it as much as a dying man in the heat of the desert thirsts for water. He accepts the what, the how and the why it is important to him in his life and how it will be of benefit to him… the candidate. 

His life depends on it – it meets a vital need… in him. That is why training should be a programme, and not an event.

A Cape Town Sunset from Table Mountain

For training to be successful it must meet a vital need… in the candidate first, and in the company, second. 

It is vitally important that the company understands and accepts this. A man works for a company to meet his own, personal needs. The company is simply the vehicle through which those needs are being met… at the moment.

“Total Power” Training is a form of contact with the inner self, the ‘Giant’ within the trainee, a two-way interaction, so basic, yet so crucially important, that no training interaction should ever be delivered without it. 


Successful delivery of TPT requires  at least a rudimentary knowledge and awareness of the four basic needs of the human personage. A foundation of human relations is equally important.

At least a rudimentary understanding of how the human mind functions and how man learns is vitally important. Training is not a talking to… It is a talking with, a walking with… a sharing with and then above all, it is never a putting in or a giving of training.

Real training is ALWAYS a ‘bringing out’ of what is already there. It is never a ‘putting in.’

Any training presented without cognizance of these two vitally important requirements in place, is training flying blind. It is being conducted from a hit-or-miss basis.

TPT is a style of training which, delivered correctly, must succeed because it leaves no space for failure. 

ALL “Total Power’ Training includes a Scientific Personality Profile of the candidate.


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